circuit overseer demands elders destroy my records

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  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Something very unusual happened the other day. After 20 years of being treated like satan, my mother spoke with the visiting co. and told him my story. He was disgusted with the elders who did this to me..... according to my mother he was furious. In society 20 years is a life sentence. In actual fact it's more than a life sentence cuz I now have to deal with enough baggage to fill an aircraft carrier. At any rate, he demanded that any record of my dismissal be destroyed. What really does this mean with regards to my status. Does it really change anything or anybody's perception of me. Iv'e never heard of this being done before. Has it happened to anyone else? Do you really think he did this or was it it just talk. My parents are well to do, both retired and living well. Could it be if they were poor this wouldn't have taken place as co's depend on the freinds for accomadation. Was he mad because the elders were in fact, messing with his bread and butter. I'm just curious. I promised myself a long time ago I would drop dead in my pine box before I would ever bend a knee to these ass wipes. Also if the records were destroyed than as far as they are concerned it never happened. This means if true, that there never will be a chance for justice in the future should the courts ever allow such documentation in the courtroom.

  • avidbiblereader

    Hmmm, the only records in the NT were to be preserved for mankind to read, perhaps the records of the elders, co's and all the other records really don't mean anything anyway. Even if destroyed, you won't change the minds of the people who follow them, don't expect any real difference in the way you were treated. Hope all turns out well for you in the end, at least with your parents. Never could correlate how you could DF someone and yet still be able to show the love, respect and honor within the family arrangement. The Bible doesnt speak of how to handle a shunned one within the family, so if Jah doesn't speak of it, then maybe he didn't mean for it to happen as the Witnesses do it. That is why Paul said not to go above and beyond the things written.

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Looks like were both newbies here. You are the first responder of my first post ever. I don't know about you but iv'e been lurking for a while. It's funny but your'e words are comforting thank you! I probably wouldn't ever have given it a second thought and completly walked away with less baggage had not my entire family been heavily into that bull shit. It's difficult to get affirmation when your'e dealing with folks who are hell bent on watchtower doctrine and try anything to mess with your noodle. Anytime you want to talk about life on it's own terms growing up you get hit over the head with a watchtower and a guilt trip.

  • Crumpet
    so if Jah doesn't speak of it, then maybe he didn't mean for it to happen as the Witnesses do it. That is why Paul said not to go above and beyond the things written.

    What a great argument! Really liked that - one to save up and keep.

  • RR

    Tyrone, it doesn't matter if the elders in your cong destroy your records, the Society has backups. We always sent duplicate forms to the Society about any one person in the congregation who was DF'd or DA'd, with the specifics.

    And as you already mentioned, it doesn't change anything. People will still see you for what you were perceived to be ... regardless of what the elders do.


  • geevee

    Well, this sounds interesting enough. What are the records you are referring to? Are they records of judicial hearings? Publisher record cards?
    Congregations keep general letters etc on file for 7 years, they are supposed to keep 8 years of publisher record cards. And when the judicial matters are resolved thay may be inclined to keep the sealed up for 7 years too, although you would think that if the matter has been heard and finalized they could destroy it there and then...but oh no, that doesnt happen.
    When i was secretary, i went through the judicial file twice, and cleaned out heaps of stuff on people. Stuff that should have been long forgotten.

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Oh ho, this is getting better! so I was lied to again. I never realized what a beurocracy this religion was. Do other religions keep such extensive records? By the way although I was born in jws and was a natural orator, They would never promote me or my brothers up the ladder. I went out on service only once I was 10 years old and was told by this elder to take with me 3 other witness boys and show them the ropes. What ropes, it was my first time and last. He was trying to break me! Therefore no publisher records. I feel I was singled out because they were jealous. I never got to really know the inner workings of these people and only now after 40 years has my father become an elder. so the only records i'm concerned with is the ones that will make them look bad or incriminate them. By the way I'm delighted to hear you tashed all those records but even still do you think that's a good thing or a bad thing.

  • restrangled

    Welcome to the Board!

    I am not sure about your question, were you formally DF'd?.......I had mine "reversed" back in the mid '70's, which meant my records were destroyed. The CO got involved, it was discussed with all the elders at a circuit assembly on how not to DF, but I had to go through a second trial which was worse than the first. The whole process took over 3 months. The reversal was formely announced.

    Despite all that, I didn't feel any different and our family never really recovered from it. My parents were considered upper middle class and they were always "hosting", green handshakes, etc., etc., but I don't think that had anything to do with it in my case because there were a lot of families doing the same.


  • tijkmo

    whats the whole story..i would like to know

  • kid-A

    "At any rate, he demanded that any record of my dismissal be destroyed."

    Sorry, I'm calling bullsh*t on this one. Either the entire story is fiction, or this is not a real Circuit Overseer. No way in hell a CO would ever say something like this. Whats more, a CO is in no position nor has any authority to "demand" that JC records be destroyed. That is entirely the domain of Brooklyn. COs are just lowly employees with no real power.

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