Kingdom Hall is still for sale!

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  • searching4truth

    Didn't they sell an assembly hall a few years back in woodland hills, CA I think. Someone should have purchased it for apostafests

  • Abandoned

    That place is still for sale and it still gives me the creeps. Coincidence? I think not.

  • jayhawk1

    Wow, what an ugly building! Doesn't look likely they will ever find a buyer.

  • blondie

    There was an article in our local paper regarding the number of older churches on the market for long periods. Many are in residential areas which makes it hard for conversion to a business. Others are outmoded and need quite a bit a work to bring them up to building and disability codes. It is just cheaper to build something new. Three large older churches in this area burnt down, 2 were arson fires by homeless men...hmmm?


  • Mary
    Stephanus said: Paging rich apostates! Please buy this Kingdom Hall and set it up as "Apostate Headquarters", complete with appropriate signage and decor. The Dubbies that used to use the hall will have a pink fit!

    Kinda like this?


  • Abandoned

    I love that. Yeah, we need a headquarters. I'll be the sometimes deep, most of the times goofy, office guy that noboby knows what he actually does in the office. Plus, I'm very affordable. (not to be confused with easy, but I'm that too).

  • gcc2k

    The assembly hall in Monroe NY, which was built in the middle of a Hasidic community, was sold to that very same group. This is one of my major beefs with the org. Let's build a building with volunteer labor, and charge the congregations interest on the note, though the scriptures say not to. Then, years later, let's sell the building to babylon for a huge profit, and start anew. Waiting on Jah indeed. Not.

  • Stephanus

    Kinda like this?

    Exactly like that!

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