JW says the end of religion is beginning to happen!

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  • Warlock
    She said this is going to lead to (a start of) the banning of all religions worldwide!?

    I think you need to tell your friend to read Revelation 17:16,17 again. Especially v.17.



    Christmas Tradition is being restored here also..Jehovah`s Witness`s believe anything they`re told by the WBT$..WBT$ makes the JW`s look and talk like idiots,on a daily basis...OUTLAW

  • awol

    Well, I put my thoughts forward to her, but her replies are that the worlds two main political powers are turning on religion and are going to take charge. Talking about uk and us. She went on about Daniel (it went a bit over my head.... I couldn't take it all in when in the org - so now it made less sense). All I wanted to ask her is WHY does she think JW's are THE religion. So do millions of other believe the same thing. She says they are the only ones carrying out the preaching work, who have studied the bible, who have translated it in to 100's languages, who have unity and love amongst themselves, who do not tolerate any ungodliness etc etc. Mainly about the preaching work. The only interesting thing that came from the convo, was when I asked her about the turnaround on the blood issue. She asked me if I knew what it was all about as it is in depth. I said I did. She informed me it was a concience matter, and that her concience told her to not use ANY blood fractions or blood. I said but for sister/bro so and so to GIVE blood would be ok. She said I don't think so. So I asked where she thought the stored blood to get the fractions from would come.... haven't you to pour out on to the ground? She said she hadn't thought about it. I said, but a sis/bro could get d/fed for celebrating a birthday.... surely the blood, which was one of the biggest JW teachings now changes, but something tinie like b/days is still banned! She said it is what the bible tells us. The proverbs scripture about the light getting brighter appearred, and she still stood by the fact that they are the only religion preaching etc etc etc. she said the history doesn't matter and of course things will change as Jehovah shows them more insight! She said she has researched to try to find if they have EVER printed or preached a date of the time of the end but she said they definately HAVEN'T...!! grrrr

  • TopHat
    The only other group I can think of that really desires the total destruction of all other religion (except themselves) is probably the San Francisco Nancy Pelosi ACLU Activist Atheists.

    I didn't know Nancy Pelosi was Atheist! I have to study the culture of politics a little more closely. I am sooooo out of the loop.

  • IP_SEC
    banning of all religions worldwide!?

    The sooner the better. snare, racket? jws had something right after all.

    Rather than a ban, I'd love to just see wholesale abandonment of this blight on our civ.

  • PrimateDave

    The problem with JW's is that they can't tell the difference between worshiping god(s) and running a business. Anyone can worship their chosen deity whether a government approves of it or not. However, if one tries to make a business and profit from a "religion", then one is crossing over the line into government regulation. Is the WTS not just a for-profit corporation stuffed into the skin of a not-for-profit religion? Despite being pretty much atheistic at this time, I am all for spirituality and worship. It is a human right that simply cannot and will not ever be taken away by government decree. On the other hand, "religious" businesses had better watch out because governments can and will tax them.


  • Sunspot
    Is the WTS not just a for-profit corporation stuffed into the skin of a not-for-profit religion?

    Now....there's a quite quotable quote if I've ever seen one! LOL!

    I would like to think that people in general (not JWs) are sick of being "taken" by scam artists and are more likely to only be interested in "real" religion; the ones that have been established and respected for years. I don't see these going away any time soon.

  • joe_black

    In relation to Jourles earlier post on this subject I'll add, the "Worldwide Church of Walmart" can NEVER be brought down! lol

  • free2beme

    There is more Christmas decorations around each year. Many of the local churches that are struggling with attendance, are losing people because they are going to more up to date and more tolerant churches that are seeing huge growth. I can go by any Kingdom Hall, on any given Tuesday and see a parking lot half empty. So what religion is ending?

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