How many NWTs did you own as a JW?

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  • jayhawk1

    If there ever was a throw away bible, it is the New World Translation bible. I got to thinking this morning about how many I once had when I was a JW. Here is the list as best as I can remember...

    1 old green hardback NWT with the dinosaur on the inside cover

    1 family NWT bible deluxe edition, (this one was as tall as a bound volume, but nearly as thick as two bound volumes)

    1 black leather bound NWT before the reference column was added

    2 black leather bound NWTs with the reference columns (one for service bag and one for meetings)

    1 black leather mini NWT

    1 red leather mini NWT

    1 black hard cover NWT

    1 black hard cover NWT in German

    1 black hard cover NWT in Spanish

    That's a total of 9 NWT bibles. I also had an assortment of King James Bibles, American Standard Version, Scholfield Reference Bible, and a couple of others, and the other JW bibles (Diaglott, A purple one that I can't remember the name of, Revised Standard Version).

    I kept the green one and the lesser used black leather one when I threw out all the JW literature.

    So how many NWTs do you think you have owned? How many do you have left?

    It makes me wonder if I thought by having many bibles, it somehow made me more spiritual...

  • uninformed

    My oldest bible is the 1963 edition of the combined volumes of the Hebrew and Greek scriptures

    Had an old American Standard, brown color in 1961, first WT printed Bible

    4 old green 1961 bibls

    5 deluxe bibles, mainly black, one red

    1 large print w/o references

    3 large print with references that I used and retired, still have two new ones.

    1 Byington, Living English

    1 New English Bible

    3 Kingdom Interlinears

    1 Emphatic Diaglott

    1 Jerusalem Bible

    25 Bibles total.

    I bet if you throw the rest of the family in, 4 kids and a wife, we must have had double that number.


    Forgot a couple of the minis.

  • Abandoned

    I had about as many as you: black reg, black soft, black soft small, reference (English) and then the same in Spanish except the small soft. I also had quite a collection of other bibles. Quite an impressive library. In fact, I'm sure those who cleaned up that pile of books I left on the floor of my apartment when I left Mexico were duly impressed. At the time, I just needed to get away when my wife left me and didn't have room for a bunch of books, but now it makes me smile.

  • crazyblondeb

    When we moved my mother last April, she hands me my old black leather NWT, with my name embossed in the lower corner. I immediately thru it in the trash, in front of her. She said "you don't throw jehovah's book away, what's wrong with you?" She immediately grabbed it, and took it to her car.

    All I could do was laugh. When I asked her what she wanted me to do with it, I got the "MOM" look!!


  • jayhawk1

    I admit, it was hard to throw the excess bibles out. Something inside recoiled inside my head saying, "You are thowing out Jehovah's Words!" But I had to let go. I bet I could almost double my initial number if we included my mom and dad's collection.

    That's why I wonder, is the amount of bibles a JW owns somehow connected to his/her spirituality? Do they (or did we) think that somehow the more bibles they (we) have (had), the more spirituality they (we) posess? I'm beginning to think that might have been the case with me.

  • jgnat

    Off the top of my head, I figure hubby has five. I probably have as many in different translations. I wish I still had the comic book bible my children wore out.

    My brother, the mooch, once gave me a recycled bible as a Christmas present. His name was in the inside front cover. I kept it for a full year and then gave it back to him as his Christmas present. Come to think of it, we haven't exchanged gifts since.

  • jayhawk1

    Jgnat, that is one heck of a re-gift!

  • Jankyn

    As a(n unbaptized minor) JW, I had:

    2 old green Bibles,

    2 of the mid-70s version with the black covers (one of which my JW grandmother had rebound with a Make Sure and my name on the cover),

    1 KJV published by the WTS that had been my dad's when he converted in the 50s.

    I still have all 4 of those (the first green one for sentimental reasons--my mother used it as a weird sort of baby book, with programs from my first assemblies, my first time-slip for field service, my first school assignment and my attempts to duplicate pictures from the Paradise book).

    I now also have:

    1 Oxford RSV with annotations,

    1 KJV with annotations,

    1 ASV (with the words of Jesus in red!)

    1 parallel Bible,

    1 Interlinear (the old purple one that the WTS put out--I picked it off my grandmother's shelf after she died),

    1 1984 revision of the NWT,

    and the Anchor Bible versions of: Genesis, 1 & 2 Kings, Matthew and Mark (from my days as a religion minor in college).


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I had the reference bible, two hardback ones with black covers, and the pocket one with a red leather cover when I left.

    I still have them, they are in my mums spare bedroom, waiting to be disposed of. I have no bibles at all here.

  • reneeisorym

    As a witness I had

    1. Black NWT with reference column

    2. Maroon NWT with reference column

    3. Maroon NWT without reference column

    4. Diaglot

    5. French NWT (at least I could learn French while hearing the crap)

    6. 2 Hardback NWTs from kiddie days

    7. KJV

    8. NLT

    Total: 9

    After I left .. I got rid of some of those and got more to add

    1. Maroon NWT with reference column (had my notes to remind me how crazy I was)

    2. Maroon NWT without reference column (a little sentimental because it was my Dad's)

    3. Black NWT without marks I used for service.

    4. KJV (2)

    5. NLT

    6. NKJV (2)

    7. NIV study Bible

    8. NIV thinline Bible

    9. J.P. Green Interlenear

    10. New American Standard

    11. From somewhere came a kid's Bible

    Total: 15

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