Hello all, here's my story.

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  • megsmomma

    Welcome...It is good to hear of someone soooo deep into it since childhood can come free. I am looking forward to "the rest of the story" (In Paul Harvey's voice)

  • OnTheWayOut

    My main problem was doctrines, but the things you mentioned are interesting. I already thought about good people outside of the organization's thumb being considered evil. These threads have talked about how over 6 billion people are going to have to be destroyed, many because Satan kept good people from believing some pretty "out-there" teachings from the WTS, God's (supposed) true organization. I decided I would rather be destroyed at Armegeddon with the 99.9% than live with the 0.1% (if that).

    I follow your analogy about disaster relief, although each person should not feel guilty for differing answers. Some might say "family first." Others might say otherwise. That's okay. I have always felt that I would try to place ANY lives before my own in an actual crisis. I don't want to imagine living with myself, saying I could have saved that old man or that child, but I might have died myself if I tried. I always hope I will try. I don't guarantee that I would save a stranger before my wife. Certainly, parents have more reason to say they would help their own, first. Your thoughts are commendable in that area.

    Again, welcome to the JWD.

  • new boy
    new boy

    You have done your math!.......................6 BILLION PEOPLE...... only 6 milliom Jws.....God can only save 1 in a 1,000?.......That means he is going to KILL .............Billions of people............and you my friend are willing to risk your life to save "worldly people" in a fire. YOU ARE KINDER then the the God they would have you believe in!

  • jwfacts

    Welcome, great to hear your story and waiting for the next installment. Your story sounds much like mine. At 12 I was witnessing at the local markets, on buses, everywhere. But it is very hard to reconcile a barbaric Old Testament religion if you have a heart.

  • OnTheWayOut
    YOU ARE KINDER then the the God they would have you believe in!

    That's because I try to believe that there is good inside most people. True that many people would steal from a corporation or from "the man" who's insured. But most people would not take away the needs of the needy person.

    Many people are unruly, wild, on drugs. That's because they are in need of escape.

    While the average person will cut you off in traffic or fight for that parking space or take the last piece of cake at the buffet, they will hold the door open for the elderly or allow the handicapped to jump in front of them in line.

    It's the WTS that teaches that people outside their realm of influence are all evil.

    I personally believe that the WTS is only kind during disaster because they would get a black-eye if they were not. The average rank-and-file members start the charitable ball rolling. The society just controls it to some degree to smooth out the transaction. Even in disasters, the organization asks for money to be sent to World Wide Work, instead of just allowing us to be good to each other. They even poison this a bit. I tried to go to Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts with the guidance of RBC. They wouldn't allow me, only skilled plumbers, electricians, and the like were needed. When I said I had a strong back, could move heavy loads, get there on my own (and bring others), and stay with people I know, they told me not to come. They only wanted an organized work force under their control. The RBC mmembers that did go were plumbers, electricians, and the like- they had no room for a back-breaking worker because their wives were going with them. What a joke. I took vacation to go, then they asked me back a few months later. Sorry, you'll just bump me again for your wife to make coffee and cookies. I didn't waste that vacation. (I am bitter today, I really should talk to someone, maybe an elder.)

  • Fleshybirdfodder

    I loved your answer to the burning house analogy. Shows them their twisted logic!


  • moshe

    Welcome, Paralipomenon. It never surprises me how many times a simple comment from a householder cuts a JW's conscience.

    I had a lady tell me in service- " you aren't happy. I know it, so stop lying to yourself". Of course I protested to the contrary, but later I knew she was right and I was just putting on a fake act of being in a JW paradise!!

    The Bible has over 300 verses on the poor , social justice, and God's deep concern for both. How many of these does the WT use in an issue of the WT in a years time? Very few, that's for sure!!!

  • unhappy

    WELCOME to the board, I am looking forward o hearing the rest of your story.

  • sspo

    welcome to the forum and try to finish your story as soon as possible, you got me hooked on it

  • skyking

    You were to smart to stay in. The BORG want DRONES.

    Hope you stay a while with the rest of us.

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