Mormons != JW. Read these genuine quotes from active and inactive members!!

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  • gumby

    Nice find DD.

    So the tracts you found are 150 odd years old. Cool. As an additional help see if you can give me something more up to date?


    Your comment sounds like it came straight out of the mouth of a witness......and you say you two aren't similar?

    If god guides the mormons, then why did they state what they did in these "older tracts" that are now "old light"? God doesn't change does he?

    Dream on my friend.....the Mormons are every bit as wacky as the dubs are.


  • Mary
    I still know my history better than you but I'm not actually bragging - just pointing out (purely in the interests of fairness) that just because you can find disgruntled members and bigots that there is any special linkage between the LDS and the WT. We claim absolutely different things.

    Who gives a damn? The teachings of the Mormon Church are just as whacked as those taught by the WTS, so what difference does it make if they're "different"? Both groups are mind-controlling cults who believe that they have the monopoly on "Truth" and both have a history filled with bizarre teachings that are still taught today. The Mormons still teach that God used to be a man on another planet, that man can become God Himself, that the Book of Mormon is "more correct" than the bible, and that God resides near a star called Kolob. Ya, these are different teachings than the WTS, but they're no less bizarre. And their attitudes towards those who have left their respective religions and expose what's really going on, is eerily similar. Here's the warning about reading 'anti-Mormon' literature from a pro-Mormon website:

    Reading anti-Mormon publications

    One of [George] Cannon's perennial concerns as general superintendent of the church's Sunday Schools was the inculcation of good values in the young. The big threat was cheap fiction either in the form of paperback dime novels or serialized stories. In his view, such reading was a waste of time. You didn't learn anything useful. Worse, you became emotionally involved with sentimental love stories that distracted from having the Spirit of God. Reading anti-Mormon books and articles was simply a specific form of reading that would produce no good result.

    "Men who tell lies, men who circulate lies, and men who believe lies," Cannon said, "cannot have the Spirit of God reigning in their hearts." The practical conclusion is to stay away from such people and such writings:

    Newspapers, magazines and books which contain lies and which slander and defame the work and people of God I will not read. I do not want to read falsehood; I do not want my children to read falsehood. I have heard people say many times, "Let us hear what they say about us," and they read works filled with misrepresentations of the work of God. Did you ever read such a work without the Spirit of God being grieved within you? I never did.

    And here's a very similar warning from the WTS's own literature:

    Watchtower 1994 7/1 p. 12:

    At Which Table Are You Feeding?

    Some of them smite us and then claim that we did the smiting. They are ready to say and write contemptible falsities and to stoop to do meanness."

    Yes, apostates publish literature that resorts to distortions, half-truths, and outright falsehood. They even picket Witness conventions, trying to trap the unwary. Hence, it would be a dangerous thing to allow our curiosity to move us to feed on such writings or to listen to their abusive speech! While we might not think it a risk for us personally, the hazard remains. Why? For one thing, some of the apostate literature presents falsehoods by means of "smooth talk" and "counterfeit words." (Romans 16:17, 18; 2 Peter 2:3) What would you expect from the table of demons? And while the apostates may also present certain facts, these are usually taken out of context with the goal of drawing others away from the table of Jehovah. All their writings simply criticize and tear down! Nothing is upbuilding.

    Ya, there's no similarity there at all.

  • gumby

    Eeeeeewwwww.....another asswoopin by Mary! Nice job

    I'd forgotten some of the Mormons weirdass beliefs.....thanks!

    Gumby Smith

  • free2beme

    I would have to agree, even before I read all of your post, that the similarities between Witnesses and Mormons, is not as strong as people think. I have known enough active and inactive Mormons to know, they are in another realm of thinking.

  • stevenyc

    Mormons aren't the same as Jdubs.

    Mormons believe that the men on the moon are much taller.


  • Junction-Guy

    Yeah the Mormons have their share of wacky doctrines, but if given a choice I would much rather been raised a Mormon than JW, at least their kids can celebrate Christmas, play school sports, plan for college, and Im sure the list goes on and on. I have a stepsister that is Mormon, but I really dont know much about their beliefs other than they're not suppose to drink coffee or soda, or smoke. Are mormon children allowed to have normal childhoods? can they join the boy scouts? can they date? are they allowed to have 'worldly" friends?--enquiring minds want to know

  • stevenyc

    Junction-Guy, I know what your saying, but I think its like mice discussing the benefits of mouse-traps over glue-traps. It's still all BS that takes your life away.


  • SusanHere

    Are mormon children allowed to have normal childhoods? can they join the boy scouts? can they date? are they allowed to have 'worldly" friends?--enquiring minds want to know

    Yes, Junction Guy, our children have very normal childhoods. Every Ward, without exception, has it's own Boy Scout troop. They do all the great Boy Scout stuff, and are encouraged to become Eagles.

    Yes, they can date, after the age of 16. They are taught standards of dating and behavior, but can date non-members. The Church also hosts teen dances and activities where non-members are welcome to attend.

    Most of my children's friends were non-members ("worldly" I guess you would say). Now grown, they still have many non-LDS friends, and are still active LDS members themselves.

    In reference to the quotes about the pamphlets that speak evil of other religions, sorry but what was quoted doesn't hold even the faintest of candles to the ones put out about us and our supposed beliefs. Not even close.

    Nor do we carry picket signs outside other churches like people do to us. Nor do we print flyers trashing their religions and leave them on their car windshields. Nor do we block the sidewalks outside the Temple and the Convention Center shouting obscenities to those LDS who want to enter there.

    We don't even have classes or lectures purporting to tell the "real truths" about other church's doctrines.

    Yes, we believe we are the most correct religion. Why else would anyone ever join any religion? Would you say, "I know this church really sucks, but I like their coffee hour?" I would hope that anyone who joins any religion would believe it to be true. Otherwise, there's really no point, is there?

    If we believe we are correct, then we must also believe others are mistaken, at least a little bit. Unlike the JWs, though, we give all other religions the credit for the good that they do, and for whatever they teach that is right, and that blesses people's lives.

    When we teach about the Church, we never make comparisons, but only teach our own doctrines and beliefs. We don't believe there is any need to speak evil of other churches. Too bad not everyone can show respect that way.


  • ringo5

    Susan, are you wearing your special underwear RIGHT NOW?


  • Junction-Guy

    Thanks Susan, I dont know much about Mormonism, the only Mormon I have ever known was my stepsister, and she wasnt very devout. I think it's important for a child to have an emotionally healthy childhood, and to experience all the normal things of childhood, such as dating, school sports, boy scouts, girl scouts. It's not right to deny children of so much fun. I personally dont believe your doctrines, but as long as they arent psychologically damaging to children I wont be picketing your temple any time soon.--- Oh I just remembered this, there is a guy I work with who is an Ex Mormon, we had a long talk, I dont remember what his beef with Mormonism was. I told him about how difficult it was to be raised a JW, but he didnt seem to have any of those type issues with Mormonism.

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