WATCHTOWER loses in court!

by Nathan Natas 126 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • mcsemike

    Hi Maluenda and welcome to the forum. I think you'll find many excellent comments and caring people here. I've been here for five years. I think your ideas are good ones. Maybe we can all do them and it will add up and produce results.

    Maluenda is too modest to say so, but she is a great encouragement on the Silent Lambs guestbook. I post there often. I met her last summer in Florida. She has some background in this field.

    I don't know many people that well yet, but another good person is Anitar, who has the talent of being practical and getting right to the point.

    Can some of us utilize Maluenda's suggestions in order to bring this out in the open? I think it's possible to hurt the WT very badly now. They may have money and are highly organized, but so were the Nazis. They lost. So was the Mafia. Now many are in prison. Let's all do what we can to maximize the CA court case. My best to all.

  • Maluenda

    I hope you all will take a look at the new topic I started Letter to the judge in the latest court ruling. I posted my letter that I'm sending snail mail tomorrow to the judge. It gives you his address, title, etc. Please feel free to copy my letter and use it or just send a card that says thank you with your name and exjw behind it. This is so important. There are so many of us. We have to band together. We can't just talk about it or post about it. We have to send a message literally! Please join me! Together we can make a difference!

  • mcsemike

    Maluenda: I saw your letter on Silent Lambs. It's excellent. Can others please help us? We've posted on SL for years hoping something would break open. I think this is our chance. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    I post as M.A.N. on Silent Lambs.

    Anitar, what do you think we can do to add to this? I also want to email Randy and see what he thinks. My thanks to all.

  • sf

    I KNOW many of you Elders are reading these forums. Why not admit and confess your mistakes, crimes and SIN? Straighten up your act and treat people with respect and dignity or do you feel that you are to righteous to do so? I know you are not use to being held accountable but sooner or later some person, some court or GOD is going to extract justice from your hide! ...LOL

    Ah, it does my heart good to see some of you actually did comprehend what I was saying about hypocritical elders who post here and then return to their flocks that they care so deepy for and lie through their teeth as they stand there and endorse lethal and scarring Watchtower policies.

    Which one of you will read the court ruling to your dear flock? LOLOLOL!!!


  • anakolouthos

    This is incredible news... Love & Norris, you rock! Keep fighting the good fight! I hope we will all see the day when this twisted organization crumbles... this is a huge step in that direction.

  • DannyHaszard
    Friends, if the following seems good to you then please email or mail copies of the following in to your local newspapers around the world:

    HOT NEWS TIP. I wish to direct your attention to messages posted on and discussing NEWSBREAKING criminal obstruction activities or the grave potential for such by religious leaders among the interstate (hence Federal matter) Watchtower Bible & Tract Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses) organization. Some of those concerned will surely directly inform the U.S. FBI at and any other relevant judicial and police agencies, and it would appear that there may be some photo opt possibilies if not now then presently where you may get to film the FBI or police going to kingdom hall buildings (in particular in but not necessarily limited to those in California but also in other states where criminal pedophile activities have been reported to etc) for securing those records that are maintained locally there while they still can.

    Further, since the organization is international, Interpol and other nation-based legal agencies may be getting involved now or presently with this breaking development. which opposes pedophile activities among Jehovah's Witness elders/clergy has been interviewed and presented by NBC, CBS, BBC and other media around the world and has the website which includes a link to the also informative item telling of the California court's judgement that it must be given access to 23,000 files kept by the Watchtower mother organization (copies of relevant correspondence and evidence also being stored in local locations).
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  • jgnat

    There's a few things that need to be fixed in your newsflash. Reporters are obligated to verify rumor. We have no idea if anything is being shredded at WT Headquarters. Stick to the known facts and your broadcast will have more credibility.

  • LongHairGal


    Sorry, I'm a little shy about e-mails as I am "fading" and because of my situation. But maybe someday....

    You are a godsend!


  • mcsemike

    What jgnat said is very important. We must ALWAYS be sure we have accurate information. Let the WT keep on lying, it's what they do best. They may call it "theocratic warfare" but the court will call it PERJURY and someday some of those arrogant elders will serve prison time. We have them on tape denying they interfere with people going to the police. Several news interviews caught them lying about how they handle the child abuse allegations. And the biggest liar of all, J.R. Brown, (you know, the one with the IQ of 26) actually appears on their video tape describing their policies and lies the whole time.

    Our integrity will show out to the world, and the world will take us seriously, if we conduct ourselves in a mature manner, have facts and proof to back them up, and stick to the issues. The WT will fail because they skip from issue to issue, lie through their teeth, and are making it quite obvious to the world's courts and law enforcement community that they only care about their name, money, and pride.

    Child abuse is about the most sensitive subject in the world today. Any religion that appears to condone it, or actually does as the WT does, will receive the wrath of the world. Let the WT play it's little games, waste the JW's donation money, and all the other garbage they do. Someday the JW's will realize what's going on and then all hell will break loose. Most JW families are not well off financially. When they discover that their donations are being used to defend rapists, I think you'll see some reaction.

    Again, please do all you can to contact anyone who might help. Treat this as an election. You never know if just a few more votes would have made a difference. Check on Silent Lambs and see what they are doing. Together we can maybe see the buildings in Bethel being sold one day to make room for stores, homes, and other things. Wouldn't it be nice, before you leave this earth, to see the absolute end of the WT?? I'll throw a party.

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