1914 ,the Generation that got tossed in the Garbage Can

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    No, Hellrider, I don't think that there is any connection between the two things.


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    Sorry VM44, yeah I meant Upper-Right, thanks for the info about that guy. Sad to think they are all probably in their grave right now...

  • Nosferatu

    I found out about the whole 1914 Generation change after it had been changed. They changed that teaching around the time I left, and I still had a lingering belief that it was true, and that I would be destroyed at Armageddon.

    ...until I literally stumbled across Freeminds.org. When I came across that site, I spent 3 days reading and deprogramming myself. When I read that the 1914 Generation doctrine had been changed, I was fucking mad! Here I was, believing this teaching six years after they had changed it.

    It's kinda strange reading about ex-JWs who grew up without the 1914 teaching. It's something that I was raised with and naturally assume that other JWs in newer generations are raised the same way. It's like I was taught that the color red is called purple, only to find out years later that it's called RED.

  • Leolaia

    Back in 1988 or 1989, when I was starting to question the Watchtower seriously, I had lots of discussions with a friend of mine who was a Bible study about the Society and what not, and we both agreed that very soon the Society would be forced to change the generation teaching. That was the clearest change we saw for its future....we debated on whether it would settle down as a denomination and liberalize, but couldn't agree on that. But it was obvious to both of us that time was running out fast on the "generation".

  • read good books
    read good books

    Fool me once shame on you fool me repeatedly since 1870 then shame on me. The predictions of the end of the world always bring in a new crowd of suckers (I was born into it, a born sucker) and a new and more importantly to them a big stash of cash from people wanting to be living in the last days.

    The same trick works over and over, how sad, how rotton of the Watchtower Society to keep playing it on new generations.

    Why do our families stay in it ???

  • The_Replacement

    One of the best incites to how they preached this infatically (is that a word ?) Is to read the Watchtower articles that were in a four part series ... April 1, 15, May 1, 15, 1984. They have some awesome quotes that cannot be changed. Could someone post those articles ??????????

    The October 1993 Kingdom Ministry on the last page has a great quote to the generation and the purpose of the Awake as well.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Pre 1995:

    This Generation = Individuals alive in 1914

    Pass Away = Die of old age

    All these things = The entire sign including Armageddon

    Put it all together and you get something like this:

    "Those alive in 1914 will not all die of old age until the entire sign is fulfilled and Armageddon occurs."

    However Post 1995:

    This Generation = People contemporary with the sign who take no note

    Pass Away = Destruction by God at Armageddon

    All these things = The entire sign including Armageddon

    Put this all together and you get something like this:

    "Those contemporary with the sign who take no note will not be detroyed by God at Armageddon until the entire sign is fulfilled and Armageddon occurs."

    --which is an obvious tautology. Of course no one will be destroyed at Armageddon until Armageddon occurs. The JW's have reduced the statement to a semantic nil while at the same time, patting themselves on the back for their "Clearer understanding."

    I took this new light further in breakdowns to really make your point clear (I will use this with my CO)."Those [contemoprary with the sign who take no note] will not be detroyed by God at Armageddon until [the entire sign is fulfilled and ] Armageddon occurs."

    The sentence can be simplified to say:

    "Those people will not be destroyed by God at Armageddon until Armageddon occurs."

    Utterly meaningless. Clearly, this is not something Jesus was trying to say. IOW- there will be people living in the time near the end until the end arrives. Semantic nil as TD brings out. (Sorry TD, your point was well made, but I, personally need to break things down for understanding, especially if I will use it in argument.)

  • dmouse

    I remember a few years before the generation change I was having a heated discussion with an elder - I told him that the generation teaching would have to change because time was running out. He said that this was impossible - it was in the bible and that couldn't be changed.

    A few years later I had the satisfaction of telling him 'I told you so!' but all he said was 'nothing has changed', after all the Nov 1995 Watchtower article goes on to say:

    "Does our more precise viewpoint on "this generation" mean that Armageddon is further away than we had thought? Not at all!

  • plmkrzy

    OutLaw:..I was there in the years before 1975..The preaching of that date was relentless..If you disagreed you could be Disfellowshipped..WBT$ dedicated articles in the WatchTower and Awake to support that date..Now ask any JW if the year 1975 was preached from door to door.

    In another thread I was asked if I had knowledge of my mothers, if any, participation and or communication with the GB (because she is anointed) and my response was: Yes she was admonished for it.
    One of the things she was admonished for was disagreeing with and refusing to participate in the idea that the end was probably going to be here by 1975! LOL!
    I remember how disgusted she was about the whole thing but she kept quiet because she didn’t want to risk being disfellowshipped or reproved for conduct unbecoming that of a Christian!

    My dad however bought it hook line and sinker and my parents argued about it. I was then told by my parents I MUST get baptized before 1975 if I want to be sure and see the new system.

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