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  • Jim_TX
    "there is no way I could look up scriptures. i did not even try.......did not even take a bible."

    That's right. I remember my sister's funeral... and there WERE JW's sitting there - bibles in hand - flipping through the pages trying to keep up with the fella speaking.

    I thought it odd that they seem to need to take them there bibles with them everywhere... weddings... funerals... sheesh!!!


    Jim TX

  • vitty
    (Note: Instead of eulogizing the deceased, use the material in this outline to give a fine witness concerning the truth.

    This one line says it all..........................

  • ignored_one

    Reminds me of my grandad's funeral not so long ago. Sure the elder giving the service got in the bits about his life. Some things i'd not heard of tbh but it was still tinged with JW related stuff. I realised how much the JWs really get into a family and become the elephant in the room. Nothing about xmas, birthdays, holidays etc. All about when they came into the TruthTM, when they were baptized, convention stories, kingdom hall stories. It was almost like he hadn't done anything that didn't involve the JWs. Made me realise how dull my life could have turned out had I not left when I did.

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