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  • stileinsyde

    Reading that is very disturbing. But, I understand now the funerals I attended for relatives and other JW's. They don't talk about the person who passed away, they talk about the New System.

  • sinis

    Thats how my grandmothers funeral was. It was fucking pathetic!!!!! The elder who gave it was a friend of the family but never ONCE talked about my grandmothers life. I insisted with my father to have it at a funeral home, and have a non denominational pastor give a brief sermon followed by family thoughts but my JW mother insisted on having it at the KH. All I can say is when I go I WILL NOT HAVE IT AT THAT FUCKING BUILDING!!!! Hell, I've been thinking about joining the Catholic church just for the nice funeral services they provide.

  • Dismembered

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for reminding me why I'll never go back inside the bowels of a KH. For any reason!


  • DesertRat

    Guess I am not the only one who read that outline & felt like vomiting

    A classic example of the WTS putting self-promotion ahead of everything else--even the emotional state(s) of the newly bereaved. When the funeral is for one's own father, or other loved one, that impression is especially difficult to ignore..


  • purplesofa

    At my brothers funeral, first one I ever went to that was JW,

    I was surprised at how many scriptures were required to look up

    when you are in deep grief.......is that supposed to take your mind off it? Who can concentrate at that time.

    there is no way I could look up scriptures.

    i did not even try.......did not even take a bible.

    The ones that were not JW's were lost and even felt like he did not know what he was talking about.

    Jw's know the hope......so all that teaching is for the ones that aren't. Not really the best time to grab someones attention.


  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    If the talk lasted 30 minutes, approximately 3 or 4 mintues would be spent talking about the deceased. That's it. The rest of the talk is to promote the Borg and preach at everyone there. No wonder so many "worldly" people are disgusted at Witness funerals.........

    I have known of several JW funerals where non-JWs literally got up and walked out as a sign of their disgust in the "preaching" tone of the talk rather than the consoling and respectful message it should have been.

    Even some JWs have questioned..."when are they going to mention anything about the deceased or the family?".

    However, years ago, back in the 70-80's, I remember one particular elder who was very near and dear to me. He was well known for his heartfelt funeral talks among the JWs and the funeral home directors. They all appreciated his down-to-earth, loving manner in which he paid respect to the deceased and to the family....like it should be. But then...he obviously was not your basic, stereo-type JW elder I think. And I've often thought...if he was alive now, he would probably me among us today on JWD.

    Had Enough

  • 144001

    It's rather despicable that the Watchtower organization exploits its members even on the occasion of their deaths. Who cares about Brother John's life, what's important is that if you don't do as we tell you, you're going to be destroyed. Management of this organization is performed by those with hearts of stone.

  • HappyDad

    Yeah Mary...........that's it!

    The one and only funeral talk I gave was about 1990 and the outline you posted was it.

    But I did it a little differently and added a lot of GOOD stuff that made the "worldly" family take notice and show appreciation as to how she was loved by so many.

    In the talk at the funeral home and the cemetery..........I emphasised mostly about her previous life and how her family and friends loved all the good things she did.

    At that time........her son was my best friend. I was just an elder. I say it that way because being an elder is NOT conducive to being someones BEST friend........after all........you have to be loyal to the company.

    I really miss Ken and Linda since they moved from the Pittsburgh area to Arizona.

    Hey..........Ken and Linda.............if you are reading this...........you know who I am. Please get in touch.


  • Honesty


  • aarque

    My dad was never a JW, but when he passed away last year, my mom had a jw speak at his memorial service. the night before the memorial service, he came to the house to find out if there was anything in my dad's life that would reflect badly on the JWs . I was very upset by his questions. Then, at the service the next evening, that so-called minister never, ever mentioned my dad's name and never said one word about him. The witnesses that attended all had their bibles in hand and sat there looking up verses. My husband was horrified by it all....he said it was a talk to recruit new members, not a memorial to my dad. One of my cousins walked out in the middle of it. My brother refused to be in the room during the talk; he walked out when the service started. It was just absolutely awful. The minister named my mother and one of my sisters, then looked at another of my sisters and I knew he couldn't remember her name. He just looked around at us and said "...and the rest of the family." I am still upset by it all.

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