Should I send this letter threatening the a**holes?

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  • garybuss

    Definitely have your attorney threaten them. It'll be worth the $200 bucks. The breaks will come on.

  • rebel8

    A suggestion......and an attorney could tell you if this is a good idea or not.....what about quoting the Pay Attention To Yourselves and to All the Borg book--the section where it says they don't usually da/df people who have not been known as jws for a long time? Then mention specifically how long it has been since you have "been known as a jw"--give examples of how long it's been since you've been to a meeting, been out in service, observed the memorial, etc.

    IMO, that underscores that any "judicial" action they take against you is retaliatory and intended to cause harm to your reputation, not "keeping the cong clean"--no need to df you when you haven't been a jw for such a long period of time. The purpose of that action would not be appropriate exercise of religious rights, but to malign and defame you.

  • Mary

    Sounds great Jeff! Don't forget to sign off with: " Agape Love"

  • mama1119

    I like it, I really do!!!!

  • parakeet

    There is an excellent letter on Doc Bobs Jehovahs Witness Web Site:

    He ties the JC up in knots using their own silly rules. Take a look.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Here is the 'cleaned up' version, sans the sacasm and anger. It makes the same points, and sounds like it issues from a sane person this time. You guys are 'spot on' with the advise, and I tried to adjust it. Gary may still have the best idea yet to have a lawyer do this. But I think in the end they will do what they want as Ozzie states, so this letter is just to give them pause.

    Cree Lake North Congregation of Non-Jehovah’s Witnesses

    My Address

    My Town, ETC

    To: xxxxx

    Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses


    Judicial Leader Edwards


    Your Judicial Meeting Agenda

    Dear Bruce,

    Just one correction to your ‘invitation’. You ended your letter by stating that these judicial meetings are a ‘Bible based arrangement’. Allow me one brief correction: The ’judicial arrangements’ of your faith are supposedly based on interpretation of the elders of Israel ‘sitting in the gate of the city’. These sessions, primarily used in Israel to settle personal differences, had nothing in common with what you intend. Nothing in scripture suggests a three or five man committee sitting in a star-chamber session, behind closed doors, in which the accused faces for the first time witnesses to a purported crime against God, often concluding one‘s relationship with a lifelong religion in less time than it takes to sip one‘s morning coffee. To claim authority for such travesty on the basis of what God’s word really states is blasphemy in my opinion. That sin is far greater than that of leaving a false religious organization, as I have done in good conscience and at the scriptural bidding found in Revelation 18:4 and other places. As a Christian, I tire of your endless scriptural illiteracy.

    You may wish to hold that JC meeting in abeyance until receiving instruction from the Society’s legal department. I have sent them a letter regarding potential legal action for the years of slander you and the local elders have rendered onto my good name and reputation. If you add to that calumny by announcing my name ’as no longer one of Jehovah’s witnesses’ or any similar, you will make it necessary for me to protect my name, by naming all legal entities and individuals culpable in a lawsuit for unlawful slander.

    I presented you men a viable approach if you wish a letter of disassociation. Why not take that option, and save us all the bother?

    I will not be able to attend any meeting with your elders on the date named. Please notify me within 7 days, by registered mail, of the new date and time. My work schedule would only allow a meeting Monday, or Wednesday evening, between 11:30 PM and 4:30 AM on those days. I realize this is a less than ideal time for such, but unfortunately that is the case.

    Since your instructions have issued forth from attorneys in the society’s legal department, and you have received instructions on how to proceed directly from them, equal representation under the law allows me to retain legal services for this meeting to protect my civil rights. So, my attorney will also be present, in spite of your by-laws contrary.

    Respectfully yours,

    Jeff xxxxx

  • ButtLight

    Great letter Jeff, the second one is much better! If I were you, I would send it, it may stop them from announcing your name at the hall!

  • Bryan

    I agree with some. I'd send the letter, but make it "professional". Take out the bad lingo and anger.

    My 3 cents,


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I like it Jeff. Maybe with a few modifications, it would be a good letter to send.

  • ozziepost

    Nicely revised, Jeff. Your expressions about the invalidity of a 'christian' judicial court are well made and I imagine that it might cause a truly 'honest hearted'™ elder to stop and think.

    I can't help feeling that it sems that you are making expressions that grant them the upper hand; you're making it seem that you truly are concerned about "the announcement".

    Surely that's immaterial, isn't it? If they are an irrelevance in our lives, why acknowledge them? More than that, why acknowledge their whole judicial arrangement?

    The letter still allows that you will participate in their arrangements. Let it be clearly understood, they have no authority except what is granted to them.

    Ignore them and they have no power at all.

    Of course, we both know that what may cause us to 'play the game' is the impact that they have on our family members. Even then, I believe that in the long run it's best to make it plain what your position is - what family do is up to them, not your responsibility. If they (family/relatives) want to act like cretins, they miss out, not you.

    OK, that's my take on this type of situation. I've gotta tell ya, freedom from the borg is great, in fact the borg is fading ever more into the ether of some distant past for Mrs Ozzie and I.

    More and more we're thinking of the borg as 'them' rather than 'we'.

    Still, I know they act as right bastards!

    Cheers mate,


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