A Genuine Invitation to any Lurking Elders or JW's

by JWFreak 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • JWFreak

    I have just decided to start posting, as has another Elder "Doubting Brother"

    I guess that there are perhaps many out there who wish to post but are perhaps nervous. Well that is quite understandable.

    However give it a go, you can remain anonymous, and see what happens. You are obviously here because you have deep concerns. Why not say Hi on this Topic



  • shadow

    Hi! Still a JW here. I've been reading this forum for over 5 years. An elder until a year ago.

  • JWFreak

    Hi Shadow

    I sincerely hope you find happiness


    Thanks for saying Hi


    Been reading/posting here for about 4 yrs now. Still an elder looking for a way out that wont compromise my appearnce as a JW to my family and others since I am not ready to be outed.

  • OnTheWayOut

    XBEHERE try this thread for some good advice.


    I wish I read it while I was still contemplating the first move out.

  • truthsetsonefree

    Hey, I'm still here. Still an elder though considering stepping down.

  • NowImFree

    Hi all,

    I have a question for all of you, what is causing you to question the organization? Is it the organization itself (hypocracy/lack of love) or the doctrinal teachings or something else? I have been out about 4 years now, disassociated, and I am just curious. It has to be really hard to be an elder when your having seroius doubts.


  • PopeOfEruke


    I think everyone is just TIRED!!

    Tired of the grind, the mindless boring repetition, the lack of enthusiasm, the lies, the complaining, the meetings, witnessing...the list goes on.


  • BlackPearl

    I think for us, it was the "lack of love". The congregations seem to be FULL of power hungry, contol freaks. They're all broke, bumbling, lost souls. They're lives are soooo boring, that they feed off of the "rumor mill", seriously, they have nothing better to do. The problem is, they're lives really don't amount to much, so the only thing they have any power over is others in the congo. Think about the thousands of brilliant minds that were told not to think about anything except pioneering out of high school, now when the real world kicks in, and they realize they've got to feed and clothe themselves they're at a total loss. That loss of connection with society causes some anger, so they begin to look at what they do have and try to control it for some sense of satisfaction. I work in the mortgage business, and I can't begin to tell you about how many Witnesses have completely screwed up their finances, just because they never thought they would actually have to be responsible for their spending habits. I actually think many of them rack up credit card debt thinking they'll never have to pay it off because Armageddon will be coming along shorly.

  • OnTheWayOut


    I had serious doubts for quite a few years, but was able to go thru the motions and remain an elder. I started looking on the internet just a few months ago, the first time I researched outside WT literature. Once I heard about the scandals that I never really knew about and discovered Conscience of Freedom by Ray Franz, I had to step down. I did so in mid-August.

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