A Genuine Invitation to any Lurking Elders or JW's

by JWFreak 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • JWFreak

    Hi to all posting, are there anymore out there.

    Don't be nervous just set up an account and say Hi.

    Thank you


  • V

    Thank JWFreak for the topic. I still maintain as an "active" JW.

    I remember the first time I signed up on this site, and since, every emotion...

  • sir82

    May as well check in with all my current-elder buddies here.

    Shadow, you noted you were an elder until about a year ago. Care to share what happened? Your choice or theirs?

    If your choice, did you follow Metatron's advice on the post below yours, or did you choose a diffeent method?

  • AuldSoul

    Hello to all you glorious ones and ex-glorious ones. I am fairly sure you each feel that is less true since coming here.

    I have a request, as a personal favor, from each of you (even the ones who haven't posted yet): Would you please examine this thread and at least PM me with whether you can support the JW doctrine Scripturally on this matter? Posting to the thread whether or not you can would also help, but I would like to get an idea of the number of elders/ex-elders that cannot defend it.



  • JWFreak

    Hi Sir82

    Thanks for your posts

    Auldsoul....you seem the sort of guy, I could spend a happy evening in debate and discussion with. Your posts are very well thoughtout.

    Again please log in, if it is your first visit

  • NowImFree


    You very recently stepped down from being an elder? How did your family respond? Are you still attending or did you stop altogether? What scandals did you read about? I am always interested in other's stories.

    I was raised in it and always believed the org had the truth until I started doing independent bible study which led me to different conclusions than what I had been told by the Watchtower, and then later I started internet research. Then I read a couple of Ray Franz's books too. I realized he did not come across as the hateful apostate that I had been told he was. I thought his book Crisis of Conscience showed him to be thoughtful, a deep thinker, and not at all hateful or angry, just concerned.

    What are your thoughts at this point if you don't mind sharing?


  • free2beme

    Hell, I am a member of the Governing Body. Would you like a Tarot Card reading?


    I'm an MS.

    Handed my letter in 3 months ago - got talked out of it.

    Just ordered Crisis of Conscience!

    I'm getting there, really I am...


  • What-A-Coincidence

    Hi I am Jesus, my dad is out and I wanted to end my lurking and start posting. WAC is allowing me his log-on until I remove the nasty "wtbts.1.1914." worm virus out of my pc.

  • kls

    Just had to say to those that have had their minds open and are now Free thinkers .........

    Congratulations , its not easy seeing the truth in what many have believed in for so long ,and welcome to the family

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