I have been invited to a judicial meeting.......

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    I would da rather than let them df you. It would then be your own decision, not theirs.

    Good luck whatever happens

  • rebel8

    OMG Jeff, they sure can't seem to leave you alone.

    If you go, tape it for entertainment value.

  • Mary
    I think an effective DA letter is one written on the back on an old envelope or, my personal favourite notion, an old pizza box with some nice old anchovy oil (they have to store them forever don't you know, wouldn't that filing cabinet get stinky after a few years): "Dear cult, you're dumped. Don't call me."

    ROFLMAO!! That is hilarious!!!

    I agree though, you should take a look at Doc Bob's legal letter he sent them if you don't want to get DF'd. Keep us posted.

  • Fleur
    I am weighing the possible submission of a DA letter, not due to any sense of acountablity, but just to allow myself to have the last word.

    Be advised, my friend, that it might not work.

    I wrote a very pointed DA letter, but because I was related to prominent elders in the congregation, they ignored it flat out and DF'd me anyway.

    I consider living free and well to be the last word. None of them, for the life of them, can figure out how I'm happy when I have 'left Jehovah'.

    Writing the letter might not give you the last word, but if it gives you peace of mind and you don't have to worry about any other repurcussions from doing so, then listen to your heart and do what it tells you.

    Good luck...


  • greendawn

    If your wife is with you on this then that's a big plus point because they can't interfere in your marriage and create problems. Otherwise as I understand you are not going to miss anyone there much. If you want to DA let otehrs know why before you do so, reveal some sensitive info to the R&F about the FDS.

  • uninformed

    My only suggestion is to require them to make their formal charge in writing and back it up with the Bible verses that you are in violation of.

    If it is apostasy, which I hope is the case, they will refuse. Then just tell them you refuse to meet with jerks who refuse to be men and stand behind their charge.

    I would also like to read bob's letter. Where is it?


  • Mary
    I would also like to read bob's letter. Where is it?

    Docbob's wonderful letter is here:


  • Gilberto

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  • juni

    Those buggers just won't leave you alone will they Jeff?

    I certainly will be thinking of you on that date.

    You do what is best for you and your wife.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Thanx all. Such wonderful friends and support here.

    I will not attend the meeting as I see it now. No point. They already have me df'd in their minds anyway. So it is a foregone conclusion. The DA letter would have identical effect, since announcements are now the same 'Ak Jeff is no longer one of Jw's.'

    The only reason would be a slim [and I know it is very thin] chance that I might strike a nerve. I am teetering between about three aproaches; DocBob's letter, or one loosely tailored after chapter 2 of Coc, or one that starts like this;

    I will not be able to attend the event you have so thoughtfully planned in my behalf, as this date marks the date of my dead brother's birthday. We are planning an all out 'apostafest' that night. We will sit around a campfire and take turns having a blood transfusion, as we worship tiny smurf dolls, followed by drunkeness, fornication, lots of nudity [frontal and rear], some homosexual behaviour, and a late night sceance to finish the evening. When dawns early light comes, we will have a full military salute of the flags of all nations, carve a pumpkin, light fireworks, and hang Chrismas lights. Holloween treats will be passed among all the children, and lots of presents will be found under the tree. We will then adjourn to the bar, later we all group-join the YMCA. As evening settles in, we will be found peacefully smoking a joint, pipe, or cigar as we sip vermouth and burn our blood cards. .....


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