I have been invited to a judicial meeting.......

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  • parakeet

    ***I have been invited to a judicial meeting.......***

    Proper etiquette for a disassociating:

    * RSVP promptly, as magoo already noted.
    * BYOB -- Bring Your Own Bible.
    * Dress is office casual. Coat and tie say you take the JC too seriously. Jeans and a T also say you take the JC too seriously but are trying to appear nonchalant.
    * A gift for the hosts is appropriate -- a DA letter, a piece of your mind, or racous laughter are all acceptable.
    * A follow-up thank-you note to the hosts is not required.

    Seriously, I hope all goes well for you, Jeff.

  • BizzyBee

    I cannot imagine AK-Jeff taking any guff from these Bozos so no worries on that score. Would love to be a fly on the wall, but look forward to the play-by-play on October 9.

  • sass_my_frass

    If you want to buy some more time don't write a DA letter, just inform each of the guys on the committee that if they take any action that will slander you or interfere with any friendships you have, you will legally pursue each of them personally as well as WBTS and it's operational names etc. They have to send any mention of legal action to HQ before going ahead with it, and they'll be frightened if you say that it will be against them personally. It will give you a few more weeks or months to wrap things up with people you want to keep or want to remember you well.

    I think an effective DA letter is one written on the back on an old envelope or, my personal favourite notion, an old pizza box with some nice old anchovy oil (they have to store them forever don't you know, wouldn't that filing cabinet get stinky after a few years): "Dear cult, you're dumped. Don't call me."

    But if you don't need the time and don't feel like playing the games, don't even acknowledge them. Just blow them off and get on with your life.

  • restrangled

    How sickening this all is. You just can't be left alone.

    No other religion that I know of operates like this. The elders seem to have to have the last word, or in other words we are going to nail you, just to justify our position, and let headquarters know we did our job.

    They then get one more inch up on the JW totem pole.


  • freedomloverr

    ick. ick. ick.

    I think I'd rather have a root canal.

    sorry you have to have this all drug up again. let us know how it goes....

  • jwfacts

    The memory of that statement just made my stomach turn. One thing I regret is that I did tell everyone in the congregation how I felt and why. Maybe a letter to all that you feel for with your reasons would give you a form of closure.

  • Finally-Free

    Don't go to the JC. If you write a letter, have 2 versions. One version for people you care about and may hope to help out of the cult. Version 2 is for elders and people you hate. It is sent several days later, and just warns them against trespassing or in any way harassing you and your family.



    In all likelyhood,your fate has already been determined,even if you kiss ass..Do you really want to waste your time?...OUTLAW

  • thecarpenter

    go to the meeting with a tape recorder and tell them which policies of the watchtower bother you and have them defend it. Also mention how you feel it is important to use common sense with religious views and have them reason with you why it is important not to use common sense. Then post it on the site so 1- it will show outsiders how ridiculous the society and it's reasonings are and 2- we can all get a good laugh.

  • DocBob
    I am weighing the possible submission of a DA letter, not due to any sense of acountablity, but just to allow myself to have the last word.

    If you want the really last word, send them a copy of my legal letter. It's on my website I sent one to the elders in my congo back in December of 1999 - haven't heard from them since.

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