Walmart Rage (MeLTdOwN)

by MsMcDucket 64 Replies latest jw friends

  • Scully
    all the crying and screaming kids in there

    One more thing to add to the "pro" column for online shopping.

  • SirNose586

    I think people have the opinion that Walmart is the place to go and let the kids have a good "cry"! What is with all the crying and screaming kids in there? I feel like going over to the parents and saying something about how rude it is to other people to just let the kids go on and on and on....that really gets me!!!! Here lately, I just get in and out as fast as I can!

    People are rude every where you go anymore!!!

    Hey, I'd be crying if I were in Wal-Mart too. That place is sooo depressing. I went in there to get some cheap deals, but I think I'll just go to the swap meet if I want cheap stuff. One of my aunts moved to a small town in Pennsylvania and was upset because the only good store in town is the Wal-Mart.

  • parakeet

    ***Skully, I think that I'm going to stick close to the house around the holidays, or do my shopping at night like I normally do. I'm not looking forward to the raucous crowds!***

    Order everything on the internet -- I do 90% of my holiday shopping there. You can't pay me enough to go to a mall between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

    There's no real solution to the Wal-Mart problem. If you go during the day, you get moms with screaming kids and the elderly tortoising down the aisles. If you wait until evenings and weekends, you get crowds. I'm finding as I get older, crowds are getting harder to tolerate.

  • MsMcDucket
    MsMcD, I like you but I have to ask you, do you really think that the way people acted at Walmart is worth having a stroke over?


    Actually, I think bopping that lady with a box of frozen chicken nuggets would of been a good stress reliever!

  • Robdar

    Actually, I think bopping that lady with a box of frozen chicken nuggets would of been a good stress reliever!

    Then go for it, Woman. When it's all said and done, I'll throw your bail and buy you a beer!

  • Tigerman

    I LOVE WalMart rage. Down here in the Florida panhandle one can pick a fight most any time in any Walmart. Just strolling along, pushing my cart, minding my own business is a way to irritrate a lot of these so called " folks". I was in the banana section just the other day and wouldn't you know it this " person" with their khaki clad kids wearing Steve Irwin, "Wildlife Warrior" buttons proceeded to knarl their way between me and the Chiquitas I was after . . . .siaaaaaaaaat! WTF! Let me tell you that biaaaatch did not get far! I did my " look", and without hesitation proceeded to get my damn bananas . . .you know, the ones that's just ready to eat in a day or so. HOWEVER, to make a long story short, I did make it through another day in Wallyworld . . . without bustin' someone's jaw . . . and got my kids home just in time for some reality TV.

  • itsallgoodnow

    I get that all the time at my neighborhood market. not walmart, but... anyway, I don't see the point of bringing all of my relatives into the store with me, you know? and when people are walking around in groups of 5, they don't move out of the way. they just don't care. this reminds me of when I used to go rollerblading. there would always be somebody who would jump in the way just to F&*K you up, and it started to get annoying. I eventually decided if anyone did that again, I was just gonna mow them down, and if I was going down, they were going down with me. Just nudge them a little with the cart and say "oops". how hard can that be?

  • mama1119

    Wal-Mart is nuts. I was there today too, and this b**** cut right in front of me as I was trying to cross the aisle, I had to back up, while she stood right in front of me chatting on her cell phone. I gave her this look, like please move along so I can cross the aisle, and she moves her cart into the aisle I was trying to get into, right smack in the middle, and LEAVES IT THERE. She takes off, so I have to go across the aisle, move the cart, and then I can finally proceed. I always boggles my mind when people can be so rude.

  • MsMcDucket
    Just nudge them a little with the cart and say "oops". how hard can that be?

    ItsAllGood, that sounds like a plan. I think I'll just stick my foot out and trip the person, very innocently, then yell and scream in agony about them kicking my ankle!

  • free2beme

    I go to Walmart for the price, not the atmosphere. I often repeat, there is no place like home, in my mind while I save money.

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