Walmart Rage (MeLTdOwN)

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  • MsMcDucket

    Man! WTF is wrong with people in Walmart? Did they leave their manners at home?! Common courtesy?! Where'd it go?

    I was sure that I was going to get into a fight at Walmart today because I went damn near ballistic! I mean this beeepity beep beep white woman walked right in front of me while I was in the frozen food section. She squeezed by the cart, which my daughter was steering, and then walked right the f**k between me and the frozen food window. The stuff that she wanted was in the next door over. It wasn't necessary for her to do this. She then proceeded to open the door and almost slam it into me. That did it! I looked at her and asked what are you trying to do knock me over?! She said something sh*tty under her voice, and then went to stand by her husband with the cart. She proceeded on to the next aisle. I'm really pissed, so I make sure that I did the exact damn thing that she did to me to her. She just turns her head and looks off. I proceeded to go get the coffee. Well, you know what? I forgot the creamer, so I head back toward the woman and her husband. Her husband gives me this crazy look. I gave him this insane black female look back. At this point, I had lost it! I was just waiting for either one of them to say something, so that I could commence to trying to knock them both out! I would have picked up something and tried to beat the hell out of the both of them! I may have gotten my ass kicked, but I was intent upon letting that crazy wench know that you just don't do people like that!

    Eventually, the two of them took off and just left me alone. But, this wasn't the only incident, there were these two women talking in the aisle right where people needed to get buy. The other woman's son was running to and fro further blocking the space to get by. I managed to squeeze by the boy and I said excuse me as I did this. I just assumed that the women would get over and let my daughter get by with the cart. Well, it took my daughter some time to get around the corner. After I got what I needed, I asked her what had slowed her down. As we walked by the two women, she said that the women would not move. So, I was walking and talking to my daughter about how rude people are. And then, I went ballistic again! I turned around walked back to these two women and asked them why they did what they did? I said to them that you knew that she (my daughter) was a child and that she would not challenge you. Didn't you?! One woman who was dressed like a high and mighty black Christian women began to blubber that she didn't know what I was talking about. I said people are so rude! Then the bigger black woman tried to put me in check and she looked at me and said I didn't notice your daughter. I gave her this look like I was not to be f*cked with tonight. I said you knew exactly what you were doing! The other woman said I don't understand. I looked at the both of them and said I'm sorry that YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! And then, I walked off.

    What ever happened to treating people the way you want to be treated!

    I guess it's good that I didn't get killed in Walmart or vice versa!

  • AuldSoul


    Is it safe to console you, yet?

  • Scully

    Hey girl....

    Thanks for posting that. You may not realize it just yet, but there are perimenopausal women out there (like moi, who also still has to contend with PMS on top of that) who know that of which you speak. Up until last year, rudeness in other people didn't annoy me the way it does now... I have no patience for crap like that lately. I sure hope it doesn't last long because eventually somebody is bound to get seriously ripped a new one.

  • MsMcDucket

    Is it safe to console you, yet?

    Auld, I'm becoming, increasingly, more agoraphobic. I had not been out of the house in about ten days. I guess it's my fault for not taking my "meds" (nerve pills). I think that I would have been more calm if I'd taken the pills. Furthermore, I've taken myself off the Prempro, the medication for menopause. So, I guess I'm going to be pretty cranky for awhile! I decided that I just have to go through the discomforts of menopause instead of dealing with the risks from taking it.

    Thanks for not beating me down for being an angry woman.

  • MsMcDucket
    I sure hope it doesn't last long because eventually somebody is bound to get seriously ripped a new one.

    Skully, I think that I'm going to stick close to the house around the holidays, or do my shopping at night like I normally do. I'm not looking forward to the raucous crowds!

  • Robdar

    How's your blood pressure lately? MsMcD, I like you but I have to ask you, do you really think that the way people acted at Walmart is worth having a stroke over?


    Edited to add: Maybe a nice vacation would help your stress?

  • Scully
    Skully, I think that I'm going to stick close to the house around the holidays, or do my shopping at night like I normally do. I'm not looking forward to the raucous crowds!

    Last year, the holidays were sooooo much better thanks to my discovery of online shopping. I could do it any time of the day or night, get the stuff delivered to my door (yeah baby!!), and so many places offer free shipping at holiday time. Impulse buying was negligible - there simply weren't any fancy frilly displays to catch my eye and distract me from my budgetary constraints. I saved time, I stayed within my budget, didn't have to hassle with crowded malls and parking lots, saved $ on gas that I would have spent driving all over hell's half acre looking for the stuff I wanted, and didn't have to carry around heavy parcels, or deal with annoying salespeople or irritating customers. I put some holiday tunes in the CD player, got comfy in my pj's and fluffy slippers, poured a nice glass of Bailey's Irish Cream on the rocks and shopped on line. I highly recommend it.

  • sinis

    This is the problem with the world in general ------ COLOR. If color wasn't an issue in this thread I don't think I would have read it a dozen or more times... People need to get past it and see people for who they are: rude, kind, pleasant, etc., not white, black, red, yellow, etc.


    I think people have the opinion that Walmart is the place to go and let the kids have a good "cry"! What is with all the crying and screaming kids in there? I feel like going over to the parents and saying something about how rude it is to other people to just let the kids go on and on and on....that really gets me!!!! Here lately, I just get in and out as fast as I can!

    People are rude every where you go anymore!!!


  • joe_black

    Seems to me like a case of aisle rage, been there done that one day when some idiot grabbed the last box of twinkies right b4 I was gonna grab it. I didnt realize a 3lb. yellow squash could give someone a concussion. lol

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