I get free food

by Calico Ethel 30 Replies latest social humour

  • Khrysanthemum

    So are YOU driving then when we go pick up dinner this weekend???? Work it, Show me what you got..... LOL!

  • whyamihere

    Calico - I understand with what you are saying. You're not using them, you said you would pay for the meal repeatedly, however he demanded for you to take the meal on the house.

    It's happened to me as well - I get free drinks too! I usually buy them a drink after they purchase mine.

    Some people don't understand the humor in this post, you had a great compliment thrown your way, and it made you feel good to know you still got it. It was cute the fact you were totally surprised and shocked about him thinking you were attractive. I feel the same way - I always think there is something on my face when men stare at me........lol.

    Don't worry about what others think. A guy once said to me "When you look good, you feel good."


  • restrangled

    Ok, ok, ok! I apologize. I took you seriously, even though it was posted under humor, my bad.

    I guess I'm a little sensitve about this subject because I see so many girls behave this way with my sons and it hurts to watch as their mom.


  • Calico Ethel
    Calico Ethel

    Restrangled - thanks for apologizing. It takes a big person to do that. I'm glad that you can understand I wasn't trying to use someone.

    Besides I have my OWN money - I can pay for my own SH!T ya know???? I have a somewhat decent paying job....enough to buy myself clothes and shoes and get massages every now and then (hehe)

  • Khrysanthemum
    I see so many girls behave this way with my sons and it hurts to watch as their mom.

    Well I feel for ya. I'm not a mother, but I can see how you could be sensitive about this. Girls can be horrible....If I have a son, I will be the most protective mother ever.... just knowing how devious females can sometimes be.

    Take it from me, Michelle, really isn't that kind of girl...she would never take advantage of anyone. She's a very humble person

  • aquagirl

    some of my female friends are in their mid 40's now,and are starting to look it.they get very happy and excited when they are 'carded' top buy fags or lottery tickets..it stays w/em for daze!!!i mean,these are women who are 'obviously' not 21,if ya know what i mean..but if it makes em happy,i say who does it hurt?and some men just love to flirt w/anyone.the important thing is,DONT TAKE IT PERSONALY.if you do,you will end up getting hurt..if you know that you rock,great.you dont need to have some anonymous talking head telling you that you do...dont get too caught up in your own reflection,youre better than that...or better still.start handing out the compliments to others!they love it!sometimes ill see a sad looking older woman in a store and ill notice her perfume.i always stop and tell her that she smell great!..it never fails to cheer em up..dont misunderstand me,i do have days where i wear big sunglasses and pretend that no one else is in the building.but youve gotta give it out once in a while too..good luck!!!

  • Sunspot

    Boy.....what a surprise to see what this thread was really about! figured it had something to do with Food Stamps or a give-away at someplace like Catholic Charities! LOL!

    In my 20's I used to get free drinks at bars....but I never got free food!

    I DID get a Senior Citizen discount on my fishing license last week though!


  • beautifulisfree

    Calico Ethel-

    You are SO cute!! Good thing that we got you on our team this weekend. He!! we might as well not even bring $$$ to the bar...J/K. I agree w/ Krissie if we get fastfood this weekend you are driving!!!

    Opps sorry for the quote box...

  • Khrysanthemum
    we might as well not even bring $$$ to the bar...J/K.

    No...you really weren't kidding!! It's all about the free drinks! Looks like Michelle will work her magic for us...she CAN share!

  • ania

    Restrangled-i have a 13 year old son and work in a shop (1 of my jobs) partime. There is a young girl that alway's follows the boy's into the shp after school demanding that they give her thier change or pay for her lollies & drinks (they usualy fall for it too) and she usually leaves the shop before they answer her (knowing full well they won't say no). One day she did this to my son & i asked him why he was paying for her? she called out as she was leaving the shop "coz i'm beautiful '. My son looked at me grinning & said "Well she is" . This realy peeves me off but (my son is a handsome boy and i dare say he will learn.) he knew full well she was using him and didn't mind.

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