I'm so Naughty! I pretended to be a JW to get a sale.

by Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • PoppyR

    Undercover, I remember a long time ago being impressed by your balanced attitude and I am once again.

    Although I have to say, the car sale, doesn't offend me, he didn't hurt those people. But then my morals tend to be less black and white and judgemental nowadays.

    BUT. I cannot believe the attitude that all witnesses are hateful, stupid, should have common sense and know better... come on! Surely most of us were there, some for many decades by the sound of it. Yes I had nagging doubts, but the constant brainwashing and meetings and service and association with the rest just had me towing the party line. It wasn't until I had stopped attending I ever seriously examined my doubts. And I stopped attending because I was sick of it, not because I didn't believe.

    I feel very sorry for the witnesses. I was there, I TRULY believed, otherwise why the hell would anyone do it? At this point I realise it's possible my family will totally cut me off, but I understand why they feel the way they do. I dont blame them, I just hope they will see 'the light'!!


  • pcecilia

    it seems as though many of you are concerning yourself with the consequence of the particular situation... something like saying, "in the end it did not hurt the buyers" or "doing something like this can come back to bite you in the ass later, when they find out you were lying"... but what about the principle of the action?

    when one actively deceives they make a an choice that condones the action of lying, of falsifying, of consciously distorting reality... regardless of the outcome, regardless of who the action hurts or how it affects your environment... the person that lied has willingly and knowingly done so... is that a principle that you want to inwardly define yourself by?

    now, i don't want to get morality all entangled in this... what one group of people believe is "right" and "wrong" does not come into the frame here... but you do have to consider the "principle" of any action... you have to question, "if everyone had acted as i did in the same situation, would that benefit the world or hurt it, in my eyes?"... and if you find that the answer is that it would hurt the world, but you did it anyways... then you are doing much worse than just deceiving an individual, you are being untrue to yourself, and that really is the only kind of evil...

    also, pope, thank you for the reassurance...

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