2007 DC theme " The jig is up. The Watchtower is not the truth. "

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  • 5go

    After going to this years district convention. It seems the GB knows it's over. I don't think the GB thinks that the watchtower is going to make it to 2014. Everything was so see thru a blind could of seen thru it, and to top it off the drama sucked. I mean no one was even trying to fake how good it was they just left and said nothing. In fact I think I heard a complaint outloud. It was an apostate paradise.

  • Crumpet

    Is this a peek into the future at the 2007 District Convention - cause I might just go if your crystal ball is right.

  • minimus

    The theme should be, "Circular Reasoning----Why It Is Beneficial".

  • OnTheWayOut

    There was disappointment at the literature release(s) this year. Usually there is one book and one brochure. This year, the one book is about the minor prophets, OH BOY, and that's the end of it. The days of thick, big books are over. It wouldn't surprise me if it's only a brochure next year at the 2007 LOVERS OF THE GOVERNING BODY District Convention.

  • solo

    I'd love it if were true but I wonder if we are just seeing it from an outsiders view, my parents are well in with no sign of retreat or doubt. It might look dull and uninspiring to us but I'm sure it is completly different to them . . I wish I was wrong because my parents have wasted the best part of their lives and will probably die having never discovered the truth about the truth

  • Badger

    I hereby proclaim that I am actively seeking to go halfsies with AlanF on a huge-ass banner reading "INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY" and drape it over the Budwieser Events Center in Loveland the night before the last day of the 2007 District Convention. I'll climb the roof, Alan, if you'll be the wheelman.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    It sounds like they are running out of ideas, or newish ways of presenting old ideas. I would love to see the tower fall, but I don't think it'll happen that quickly. I think they'll still be around, but in reduced numbers, in 2014, and they won't abandon dc's, they are too much of a money - spinner for that.

  • 5go

    Yeah, talks that might be in next years convention.

    False religion end is near

    (Talk is soley on how Jehovah's witnesses are being targeted. No other religion mentioned.)

    Brainwashing an effective preaching technique.

    (Brother proceed to give intruction on brainwashing. Of course demo's and experiences.)

    Paradise is like an (Animal Farm).

    (Go over how the goverment of the remaining brothers will work, after armegedon.)

    The key note address. Governing Body is our Big Brother, and satan is o'brien. (1984)

    The anouncements include the societies plan to move the headquarters to Jonestown,Guyana. Because need is greater there, and all loyal brothers should do the same.

  • 5go

    How does the format on the forum work the previous post looks nothing like I intended.

  • OnTheWayOut
    and they won't abandon dc's, they are too much of a money - spinner for that

    fullofdoubtnow, there is too much money to be made at District Conventions, you are right. They will continue. Watch for them to drop the number of conventions per year, to keep the ones they still have look large.

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