2007 DC theme " The jig is up. The Watchtower is not the truth. "

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  • 5go

    Oh well that young couples, you know go to their cars during sessions, and well you can guess what happens. At least that what the urban legend says.

    I am Have only heard this once from a brother that left soon there after he might have had imagination on overdrive. He was middle aged, if he was young I wouldn't give it bit of crediblity.

  • sf
    I hereby proclaim that I am actively seeking to go halfsies with AlanF on a huge-ass banner reading "INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY" and drape it over the Budwieser Events Center in Loveland the night before the last day of the 2007 District Convention. I'll climb the roof, Alan, if you'll be the wheelman.

    Oh yea. And get it on film!! LOL!! "Apostate Paradise". I like it! sKally

  • 5go

    Follow the christ is the official theme how oxymoronic.

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