Is There Anything Positive About Being A Jehovah's Witness?

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  • greendawn
    Prison experiences helped Rutherford and company, didn't it?

    It only helped him claim the status of a martyr, though there have been tens of thousands of JWs that suffered much worse but are never mentioned or given any recognition by the WTS.

  • minimus

    OUTLAW, are you suggesting that Rutherford was someone's bitch?

  • banished1

    No. Being a JW there is no advantage over any other person. There are plenty of God fearing moral people out there in the world who are not JW. Many are excellent speakers and sales persons too. Many take the time to read the Bible and attend church regularly. Often they are generous donors to charities. They give of their time and money to help the needy and poor and to help them learn to read. As many of you know there is no advantage to spending years and years preaching for this group. If you are having trouble and you sin, you are kicked out. "Hit the road!" I guess after much thought I can truly say the one positive thing I got from being a witness is I learned to clean houses rather fast. I learned to blitz clean a house in two hours and still charge the householder the fee for a three hour cleaning.

  • minimus

    Here come Da Judge!

  • Woofer

    I'm a very outgoing person and I think it might have something to do with going door to door for 25 years.

  • chiddy

    Its actually a huge fallacy that being a jw makes you an excellent public speaker, some of the worst public speakers I have experienced in both the secular world and from the jw's , the worst ones would come from the wts

  • Tigerman

    If you're at the top.

  • kilroy2

    I heard one person from jonestown say they got free koolaid!!! I guess some people can find a bright side to any situation. I just cant think of any with my time in the cult.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Positive results and experiences are a matter of opinion. MOST of us here have had too many BAD experiences and had to leave when we found the REAL Truth. ---no pun intended. Unfortunately, how do we know what is truth anymore? LOL

  • minimus

    Being a Jehovah's Witness was good for me because.....

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