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  • nsrn

    Welcome! I also identified with much of your story--growing up 'in the Truth' was much the same here in the middle of the United States. You're a great writer--I'll look foreward to your postings, too! Nancy

  • DoubleYouBee

    You have a wondefully descriptive writing style that's a pleasure to read - thank you for sharing your story. It sure left me wanting more - maybe sometime you can fill in what you left out - if it were a book I'd surely read it!

  • DoubleYouBee

    Somehow I posted before I was ready... sorry - it's my first day!

    As I was reading your story, Agent Smith, it occured to me... how many times when I was a dub I'd wished I'd been 'brought up in the truth'. Good Grief! How my life would've been different, and not in the fantasy 'good' way I'd imagined. My dad died when I was young and instead of staying home to take care of me... my mom may well have found a 'nice aspiring brother' in the congregation and I would've had a j-dub step-daddy.... Yikes! The full implication of all that just came upon me. All I can say is "Thank God for unanswered prayers!' I absolutely do thank God that none of my relatives were ever 'in' - I was the only dupe and it was hard enough exiting without my family shunning me - they were the only ones who kept me sane, I think. So thank God I'm out and you're out with your sweet wife by your side - now that's a really happy ending to that tragic tale, isn't it?

    Don't worry about the rest of your family's attitude - living well and being happy is it's own reward, and you don't have to argue with anyone about it - just smile, smile, smile and let them know how happy you are in your new freedom in Christ. You're a stronger, better person for having gone through it and making your stand for what's right - man are you tough! Keep turning your cheek - they're blinded - and praying for them to see the light too isn't a bad idea! I hope to hear much more from you in the future.

    The best to you... WB

  • Sunspot

    Hello and welcome Agent & Mrs. Smith

    Isn't the freedom from the WTS just GREAT? I'm glad you found us and happy that you wrote your story. I wish the best for you both....



    PS (my Bio is on here if you care to read it)

  • AgentSmith

    Hi Sunspot. I did read your Bio. A nasty predicament that. Damned if you do, damned if you don't! To everyone who replied, thanks again for being there for Mrs Smith and I. You are our support team at the moment.

    We are still trying to make our way through all the information available. However we have seen enough to know we made the correct decision. We ordered 'Crisis of conscience' by R. Franz. That will make for some rather good reading.

    I like the 'lingo on this forum but where does 'The Borg' come from? Is that a Star Trek reference?

  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

    Thanks and welcome!

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