Should I marry a JW ?

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  • carman

    reply to lady asking should i marry a jw No. because I can tell you That you will live to regret it Five years ago in December I married the most wounderful Lady I had ever met she was a jw before we was married we were talked to about our sex life behind our bed room door , I though these things was a joke and she wouldnt listen to what was said but it didnt work out that way. this is just a start i was raised a Methodist but when we married I decided to try Her so called religon ,for about one year or so I went with her to the mettings this is wear things really went bad after realizing I was being lead away from the real truth I stopped going to the mettings first she tried shunnig me to get me back then tried meeting other jws at food places or shopping for groceries and just happend to run end to one of her jw friends. then it was constantly brought up first thing in the morning and then when i got home from work .this is still happening after four more years have passed now she trying to tare me away from my family and kids ,no i dont think its going to get better Im really considering leaving her this is the woman i love doing this she is not even allowed to go to church with me one time my life now is scarred for ever and Im still recovering from the brainwashing they do to people . please think long and hard Im telling you from what has happened to my self . Im praying to the Lord Jesus you will not make this mistake Please think first talk to a preacher get the real truth . you could be just like me very alone because your husband cant do any thing with you not even go to church this is not rite its very wrong. Sincerely David

  • inlove

    I did marry a DF's JW, and I love him very much he is a great husband, we dated for two year and we have been married for one year. But please know that JW are not just any Christain religion, you should read as much as you can about their religion before you marry. I wish I would have. I am now faced with the most difficult decision of my marriage. I can not turn my back on the true religion for a fake religion and it is truly fake. Just read all the msg. at this site. I think you will soon get the picture about JW religion.

    Please write back if you would like to know what I have been going through and share.



    Marry someone who shares your beliefs.


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