Should I marry a JW ?

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  • curiousabouthim

    Hi everyone, as requested, I am checking in. Life is going well. I am doing my research on JW, learning a lot. I am biast, b/c I don't believe in what they do, but it is interesting to see why they are the way they are. That is about all I have to report. I have asked MR Wonderful a few question re this matter, didn't go over that well, use your imagination. I am very clear with my stand on not ever becoming a JW. That's all for now, will up date with any progress.

    Thanks for caring!

  • Robdar

    Yes. Marry him quickly before some other lucky woman gets him. Hurry, hurry! Do it now!

  • bubble

    Just so you know, my sister, a staunch jw, has been very happily married to a non jw for nearly 10 years.

    He has made it clear he will never convert and she doesn't try to make him. He doesn't oppose her in any way and occasionally attends meetings with her. He has been completely accepted by her family and she by his. He has also been accepted by her jw social circle of friends.

    So it can work.

    They have no children though! Through choice and nothing to do with the religion.

    Love Bubble. XXX

  • carla

    Yes Bubble, some married couples do get along best when they harldy see each other. The jw circle of friends have 'accepted' him? Well, isn't that big of them? Accepted him how? You mean they don't say comments in front of him of how they will look forward to seeing his dead body and birds plucking out his eyeballs? Because that what he deservers for rejecting jehovah right?

    They have been 'happily' married? just how would you really know that? You mean they appear to be, they know how to put on a good show? Nobody really knows what a the inside of any marriage is like, not even the kids growing up in the same house with the parents. I think most people would know of a couple that appeared to be the happiest married couple they ever knew to later get a divorce and surpise the hell out of everyone!

  • wifey

    What he says now about anything will change once you are married. Will tth kids get to go to Grandmas for christmas? NO! NO! NO!. Will he let the kids have blood if they need it? ABSOLUTLY NOT!!!



  • Flash
    Should I marry a JW ?

    Is he an "active" witness? Is he an apologist for his religion? If he is BOTH of these things then I strongly suggest you DON'T marry him. Ulitmately he will insist you ALSO become a slave to the religion.

    Does he believe the Witnesses have "the Truth" but OPENLY DIS-AGREES with them on issues important to him? If so, you could 'consider' the 'possibility' of marrying him...BUT DON'T RUSH IT!


  • luffy

    I met a great man over the internet, I was in an unhappy marriage and for two years this man kept my sanity. We fell in love and he proclaimed I was the love of his life, as he was mine. I couldnt imagine life without him, and went on to divorce my husband, not solely because of this man, but certainly in the hope that I would be free to meet and marry him as we discussed and both so seemed to want. How did it end?..Im divorced, he met a jehovahs witness in a store and decided to follow that path..with the sentence "I can marry only in the lord" he ended our relationship leaving me feeling as if my whole world had ended, as I still feel to this day. I will probably never get over it, my advice to others, however much you think your love will be enough, it wont.

  • detective

    Been there, done that. Sometimes it works out. Most of the time, it doesn't. I remember how that felt. What a freakshow. It sucked.

    Seriously, ask yourself how you would feel about dating an Amish fellow. Or the aforementioned Scientologist. Or a Moonie. A cult is a cult is a cult...

    I'm sorry you are going through with this. Bets of luck to you.

  • Finally-Free

    Are you prepared for this:

    1. The JW male is the head of the family. Wives are expected to obey.
    2. Elders are the head of the JW male. If you do things elders don't like, they will impose sanctions against your husband.
    3. Your children will be taught that you are dead meat at armageddon, and that birds will eat your dead body.
    4. Your children will be taught that, as an unbeliever, you don't deserve much respect.
    5. Elders may forbid certain sexual practices between married couples.
    6. Your non-JW family will be treated like dirt. The congregation will teach your children that all non JW family are "bad association".
    7. In an emergency, elders will insist that it's better for your children to die than get a blood transfusion. They will speak to doctors behind your back in order to influence them.
    8. This exceptional man may become your worst nightmare once the marriage license is signed. It happens often.
    9. Your children, depending on whether they become JWs or not, will be ashamed of you because you're worldly, or of your husband because he's a JW. Either way, it will be hell for the kids. That's inescapable.
    10. Your opinions will never carry as much weight as those of the elders or watchtower cult.
    11. Some of your family's money will be donated to the cult. The cult, in turn, will use some of that money to legally defend pedophiles.
    12. There may be pedophiles in the congregation, and your children will not be warned or protected.


  • Stealth

    There is something like 5 single JW women for every single JW man. And from the looks of the younger, attractive JW women paired up with some spiritual JW geeks, I tend to believe this statistic.

    Along with the strict command to only merry in the lord...... I am puzzled why a JW man would even seek a relationship outside the religion?

    My best guess, is A) He is not a very commited JW, or B) It's sex that he can't get from JW women, without his head rolling.

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