If Satan is destroyed will another Satan be born?

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  • myelaine

    "What do you all think?"

    dear Morocco...

    well I think at the 7th trumpet all those alive in Christ will be changed into a spiritual body like the res. body of Christ. see 1 Cor.15:51-54...incorruptable=not able to be corrupted, immortal=not able to die...

    there would be quite a few not "in the Lord" at His return they are mortal...liable to die and corruptable...

    see Rev.11:15 for the 7th trumpet...verse 18 says that God's people will be rewarded and those that destroy the earth will be destroyed...verse 19: temple of God is opened (quick go to Rev 19:11)...we have Christ and the saints and a sword goes out of His mouth to strike the nations(those not"in the Lord")...the sword is the word of God...so we are talking a great time of teaching-1000 yrs!...note that the false prophet and the beast are captured and tossed, satan is bound for the 1000 yrs...

    so we have Christ and His saints teaching those "liable to die" for 1000 yrs...

    see Rev. 20:7 satan is released to go and deceive the nations...not the Lord's own!...to gather them to battle, then (v.:9) God rains fire down on them from heaven. (I'm hopeing this takes about 2 seconds, our time!)

    anyway... Rev 20:11-13...the Great White Throne Judgement (second res. after the 1000 yrs) this is the time when all those that didn't have part in the first res. are judged...***note*** not judged on faith but WORKS***their work in preaching FROM the Book of Life...any one whose work doesn't accord with the WORD of LIFE is tossed in with satan and the false prophet and the beast(this is the second death, remember they are not immortal because they weren't changed when Christ came)...***note***in Rev3:5...all overcomers before the 2nd advent are written in the Book of Life...based on their FAITH in Jesus and His atoneing sacrifice...they hadn't SEEN Him.

    so that's what I think...sorry for the rush job, the twins are running around going bananas!...got to go!

    love michelle

    oh btw...adam and eve were good...not "perfect" they could die=mortal...satan was made perfect see Ezekiel 28:15...thats why he burns forever and ever...I suppose the false prophet and the beast could be immortal angels that took his side in the beginning that's why they burn forever and ever too...

  • loli

    Here's a thought: It's all just a metaphor to explain "man's fall." If god is perfect, god needs nothing to complete him/her/itself. Cultures of all times in history have created god in THEIR IMAGE. Angry, intolerant, homophobic cultures created the same attributes in their god. As humanity became more and more civilized (using the term loosely) their god had less and less to punish. The whole Satan metaphor had to originate at a time when people needed to be dominated by fear. Look around objectively even in more liberal Christian beliefs (such as Unity) and many Eastern beliefs, and you will see no mention of an Entity that is the emodiment of evil - only a consciousness that permits it. Hopefully the end of "Satan" will mean a time of freedom from fear and an abundance of love and peace. Just an idea....

  • chiddy

    good point probably will get a new Adam & Eve, and a new Devil and a new Bible and a new God , and more Bullshite to give people for another 1000 years

  • daystar


    Yes but so were Adam, Eve, Satan and the angels that followed him weren't they?

    I'm not saying it makes sense to my understanding of human nature and reality, but that was the rationalization I gathered from when I was a Witness.

    The questions re: Jehovah's right to rule humanity answered, perfect mankind, with perfect memory and perfect understanding would never again question Jehovah's sovereignty.

    Satan and the angels supposedly had never known the answer to the question of whether mankind, or any of God's creation, could rule themselves. After the thousand year rule, to the Witness way of thinking, it would be.

    Like, there is some kind of more perfect sort of perfection than being, you know, perfect.

  • hamsterbait

    in the "Climax" book. A very mundane one - and the book is not much better - the WTBTS argues that if ever agin in all eternity, rebellion arises then what has happened in the last 6 000 years will be a touchstone to reject any further rebellion. Anybody challenging the staus quo will be referred back to what happened here.

    IE - Don't rebel against jehoobie, cos he' ll kill millions of babies.

    Don't rebel against jehoobie, or he'll get suckers to knock on your front door at 9 am on Saturdays

    Don't rebel against jehoobie cos well cos cos well cos HE'S JEHOOBIE.

    Satan prolly rebelled in the first place because of the mind numbing boredom of life in the JW heaven.

    Do you think Angels have to earn the privilege of passsing mikes round heaven so we can hear what the witless god is saying?


  • jaguarbass

    Morocco Sounds good, I agree.

  • Arthur

    Once the members of the 144,000 reach immortality; what's to stop any of them from giving Johober the finger, and starting up their own celestial government in some other galaxy?

  • greendawn

    Evil is no good and those that choose evil will have to go. Whatever point satan was trying to prove by promoting evil it failed and no one in their right mind would want it. It's the choice between good and evil, the beautiful and the ugly.

  • Dansk

    Satan doesn't exist, but your question is interesting nonetheless. There are two major thoughts on the origins of Satan. One is that Satan is a corruption of the Egyptian god Set who murdered the god Osiris and was avenged by Horus.

    The second is found in the religion of the Persian Zoroaster, who professed the good god Ahura Mazda who was at war with the evil god Angra Mainyu, later known as Arhiman. The Zoroastrian concept of hell is almost a mirror image of the Jewish hell, and Zoroaster's religion even had the concept of a purgatory, as well as a last judgement.

    Since the Israelites were held in Assyrian captivity, it's very likely that they were introduced to the dualistic nature of Zoroastrian solar worship and more than a few scholars feel that much of Judaism was lifted from Persian influences.

    Since coming out of Watchtower and realising we've been fed a load of baloney I have been conducting my own research, including the very roots of the Bible. I don't believe Satan exists. As a Bible scholar friend puts it: "He is a manufactured scare tactic, as is his domain and the claim of eternal damnation, in order to keep the priests and the religions they offer as the only way to 'salvation'. It keeps the priests in business. The concept of a devil arises from the idea that God is ultimately good and can therefore not be evil, so there must be another anti-God element to explain the evil in the world - enter Arhiman, Set or Satan. Apparently the scare tactic still works as millions still believe in the fires of hell and that the Devil's gonna get you if you don't watch out." Ian

  • Morocco

    I agree with a lot of you, imho, i personally believe that Satan doesn't exist as a creature. the bible says that evil comes from man, from our hearts, but it also says it comes from the devil... so which is it? I think the entire bible, even if it is true, is still a collaboration of stories that are a LIKENESS to what we know. How can you teach a dog financial responsibility? The concepts of a spiritual world probably do not translate and so they have to basically tell a lie, a story, a metaphor. However I find it interesting that free will does not exist without the POSSIBILITY of evil. When you remove the choice to disobey you remove free will. So, if you take the Bible literally and debate over meanings and words, you see that evil and free will can not be separated. Greendawn made the comment that "Whatever point satan was trying to prove by promoting evil it failed and no one in their right mind would want it. It's the choice between good and evil, the beautiful and the ugly." and I totally agree, however, in a world where Satan never rebelled how can we choose? How can man know evil unless it is manifest? I dabble in research and I also agree with Dansk, a LOT of Zoroastrianism beliefs are so close to ?Christian? beliefs its impossible that one wasn't borrowed from the other. How far back do these teachings really go and how much have they been changed? Its an enormous folly to idolize the bible the way people do, religion is a racket and a snare. I still find it all fascinating that the bible is so full of loopholes.

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