If Satan is destroyed will another Satan be born?

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  • Morocco

    Think about this one: the bible says one day Satan, the father of all evils, will be destroyed and by extension all the sufferings of the spiritual creatures and physical creatures. I know the JW's teach that Jehovah is allowing evil in order to prove a moral point that He is the only one who can effectively rule this reality. However, imagine a paradise on earth billions of years after the destruction of evil. Now you have a world full of individuals who had never experienced evil, they never knew it intimately as we do. Now God says that we can't do certain things like disobey him, or murder, or things like this. Why? Because it does not help anyone and it does not get you what you need, and its bad and morally wrong. In the minds of the ignorant generation this would appear as if God were controlling them and not allowing them the FREE WILL to choose to go against what his laws are. So the point is this: the moment people forget evil they forget the salvation from it. And a world where God does not allow people to disobey Him is a world without free will. Perhaps this wouldn't be a bad thing, but I can not see how the generations of people who never knew what evil was, how it felt, and all its effects can have the ability NOT to see God as someone who limits their ability to think and choose for themselves. Yes, it would be their own fault because in reality God would be trying to help and save them... but in doing so removes the ability to choose. We can attempt to fix this problem by passing down through the generations knowledge of Satan and the big war between him and God, but they still will not have experienced it first hand, and experiencing something like World War 2 or the Holocaust was enormously different than reading about it. The ability to go against God's laws was allowed to Satan and all the creatures from the start and God had to have anticipated this, so in a way if you remove rebellion from God you also remove the ability to choose. Does anyone else agree or disagree? What do you all think?

  • monkeyshine

    Good post Morocco.

    That is true. If the angels had free will before then they should still have it. Maybe I'm wrong but I've never heard of free will being taken away in the future, only Satan and his demons will be removed. But Satan had no Satan to lure him into evil. That was his own decision.

  • Genesis

    They teach that all evil and rebellious one will be destroyed instantly in the new system... What a load of BS.

  • daystar

    You're forgetting the rationalization that after the thousand years and the destruction of Satan, all survivors instantly become perfect in all ways, inconceivable that they would question anything after that point... right?

  • monkeyshine

    Yes but so were Adam, Eve, Satan and the angels that followed him weren't they?

  • RunningMan

    The official line is that if anyone sins today (either human or angel), they are allowed to continue living because the issue of universal sovereignty has not yet been settled. If they sin after the 1000 years, they will die instantly.

    On a somewhat related note, thanks to the inspiration of someone on another thread, I plan on breeding nephilim in my basement. If I am successful, I will check around this board to see if anyone would like to adopt a baby nephilim. Maybe we can provoke Armagedon, or even raise an army to defeat J&J.

  • monkeyshine
    I plan on breeding nephilim in my basement.

    That's funny.

    Let me know because I would like to use one for side jobs. I need a strong back!

  • Morocco

    omg thats great, can I pleeaaase adopt one? I know i told my wife "no more pets" but rules are made to be broken

  • solo

    this thought has always bothered me too, the angels and Adam and Eve were perfect were they not, with free will, then when they decided to use their choice they became imperfect and so Satan and his cronies were cast out blah blah blah,

    so after much time (a few weeks God's time) Jehovah has a few faithful followers and the earth is returned to a paradise and they were made perfect. I'm guessing all these perfect people and the angels still have their free will otherwise what's the point - Jehovah may as well have a load of robots running around (or is that what dubs are?!)

    so in this paradise someone decides to do something interesting and sin, and recruit a few followers then next thing you know is a whole new soddom and gomorrah has established it self so Jehovah has to go through the whole process again, poor old Jesus will have come come back and get crucified again . .

    Just think, Jehovah is probably experiencing his whole own groundhog day!

  • target

    Jesus said we must love our enemies. since he is our example and Satan is his enemy, then he must love Satan and cannot destroy him.

    The book has a new ending...


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