2007 IKEA catalogue controversy

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  • Scully


    This sounds strangely similar to Janet Jackson's "wardrobe failure" publicity stunt. What does everyone else think? Is it a dog's leg? or "something else"?

    'Unfortunate' photo wasn't tampered with: IKEA

    CTV.ca News Staff

    Updated: Fri. Aug. 25 2006 1:53 PM ET

    An IKEA catalogue with a photo that appears to show a dog with a larger-than-normal, human-like appendage has not been tampered with, according to the furniture giant's Canadian office.

    The first photo in the 2007 catalogue -- a two-page, front-cover foldout -- shows a young family lounging on a bed with a dog.

    The dog, which appears to be a greyhound or whippet, seems to have one distinctly human male characteristic, prompting some to suggest the image had been tampered with by a mischievous employee using a program such as Photoshop.

    Ikea Canada says that's simply not the case.

    "The picture has definitely not been tampered with," Debbie McDowell, corporate communications manager for the Swedish retailer's Canadian office told CTV.ca.

    She said the photo was shot in Sweden, where the catalogues are put together.

    "We saw this particular photo when the prints came through here in Canada. ...But we can definitely say this is a picture of a dog's leg, and it is not something else."

    About six million copies of the catalogue have been distributed in Canada, and 175 million go out globally -- all with the same opening picture.

    Though the picture -- which one blogger referred to as "Swedish Sausage" -- is fast making the rounds on the Internet, reader response in Canada has been minimal so far, McDowell said.

    "There have been a handful of customer calls regarding this. But personally I've only taken two calls," McDowell said, adding that several media inquiries have also come through.

    Quite simply, she said, the photo appears to be something it isn't.

    "It's that straightforward. The picture is unfortunate, but we hope our customers will see past the image and see how fantastic the other 364 pages in the catalogue really are."

    It's not the first time the trendy home-furnishings company's catalogues have come under scrutiny. IKEA's publications have developed an almost cult-like following online. Readers have found all kinds of strange tidbits, including mysterious cat pictures, apparent Mickey Mouse references and weird books wedged into the many shelves that clutter the catalogues.

  • chiddy

    Funny I like that

  • under_believer

    Dog weiners don't look like that. And I refuse to believe that any dog is better endowed than I am.
    It's his leg.

  • Scully
    Dog weiners don't look like that.

    That was the reason for speculation that perhaps a disgruntled someone in IKEA's marketing department was playing a prank with Photoshop. I've never seen a dog's leg that bears such an uncanny resemblance to a circumcised penis.

  • M.J.

    Couldn't make anything from that.

    This is like people making a bit deal about those "subliminal images" in WT art.

  • RubaDub

    It may be perfectly natural to have a dog with a penis like that.

    However, you really do have to question the photo when its wearing a bright red condom.

    Rub a Dub

  • Jringe01


  • BizzyBee

    Highly suspicious, I'd say. If you take a picture of a dog with a leg that looks like a penis, perhaps you should think twice before putting it in a catalog that will be seen by millions of people.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    My boyfriend says it's the angle of the camera that does it, though it doesn't look like a dogs leg...

  • RubaDub

    I noticed in the photo that the dog is wearing an earring in its right ear too.

    Rub a Dub

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