2007 IKEA catalogue controversy

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  • Jringe01

    agreed. It's worth a laugh.

    I love European commercials. They are so much funnier because people there seem to be less stuck up than a lot in NA.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Ah - lol - I just rushed to have a look in my IKEA catalogue, and yes, it does appear as stated in the above article (the picture in the article link above is not very good).

  • vitty

    Im going off to my local IKEA store to have a look................LOL

  • Elsewhere

    Doesn't look like a Red Rocket to me!

  • brutusmaximus

    I will need to hide the catalogue from my wee dog not only will he be embarresed but his street cred with the bitches will go down hill


  • luna2

    I need a better picture. Not that I really want to see a dog with humanesque equipment or anything.

    Those commercials were a riot! Loved the one with the parents playing Farmer and the Pig and having their kids walk in on them. ::snort::

  • Devilsnok

    Here's a better pic


    If thats a photoshopped Penis it doesn't look anything like mine.

    *awaits banishment for posting a dog "penis" picture*

    Sorry, I won't be banishing anyone today. I would, however, prefer to keep the picture off JWD to comply with posting guidelines. That's why I didn't include it in the original post in the first place. Cheers ~ Scully

  • luna2

    Thank you, Devil. Okay, I can sort of see it. Doesn't really look photoshopped to me...more like a bad camera angle like fullofdoubtnow's b/f said.

    ...and now that my curiousity has been satisfied, I'm off to the bank.

  • lowden

    I can see the funny side but i feel sorry for the sad bastards that complained about this in the first place.

    You'd have to be completely pissed, on mescalin or downright fookin' loopy to see a cock in that picture.



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