The most annoying issues you found within the organization were ...

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  • purplesofa

    I was always annoyed with the way we were taught. Question/Answer Question/Answer Question/Answer

    I suppose in a bigger setting as The WT study, I can see that, but the more intimate bookstudy? I can see where there are so many interpretations, confusion, and differences in some things. Sometimes something is said that is not correct and the study just moves along.

    The meetings are so long and boring and so often, my body just learned how to sit and my mind learned how to block out and entertain itself.


    Something else that bugged me. When doing the WT and AWAKE presentations, they were careful to only ask the ones that always are out in service. As an active witness anyone is/and should be able to make presentations. Elders had their favorites and you knew when they were over a part .......certain ones would be asked to participate. I am not saying I wanted to be asked, it is just something I noticed. Why would they continue to discount what the other people in the congo could offer?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    It was actually: Pragraph read: Answer expected to be given stated, Question asked, Answer not accepted until answer expected to be given, that was given, is repeated.

    How do you spell INDOCTRINATION?

    Personally, I found it annoying that no one could help anyone else see where they were making a mistake if they ranked above you in a system without rank.... Right. You could counsel laterally, but not up. No publisher could correct an MS or an Elder and rarely a Pioneer. A Pioneer couldn't correct an MS or and Elder. A MS could not correct an Elder etc. I got reemed once for talking with a MS (friend) once about an article I read. He felt I was counseling him and he told the PO who came and gave me a rash of crap about it. I set him straight and wouldn't let him play that game with me. I said, "the only difference between me and you pal, is that you're appointed by Holy Spirit and you just haven't let it appoint me yet."

    Guy was a twit.


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