"Dangerous Apostates"

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  • FreeFromWTBS

    Thanks Linda, Always like to be prepared for the inlaws if I know what they are eating it is always easier.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    i hate the word apostate! i think it sounds weird obviously coz i was conditiond to think so,

    cant we have a new name please?

    Actually MB, I don't mind being called an apostate. It isn't that much of a derogatory title anyway, it's just someone who abandons a previously - held religious belief. That makes quite a lot of jws apostates themselves, don't you think? Certainly, in my kw, at least 33% had left other religions to become jws.

    The wts are the only people, as far as I know, who really demonise apostates.


  • dido

    That would be good Linda, we can all have a look at it then,great stuff!

  • LennyinBluemont

    "Apostate" according to the Bible means: one who rejects God and Christ.

    "Apostate" according to modern dictionaries means: one who abandons their religion

    The WT uses the modern dictionary definition to villify any who disagree with them, and then treats them as if they were "Apostate" according to the Bible definition (or use).

    Since you aren't an apostate by the Bible use of the term (assuming, that is), then you can honestly answer NO to that question. Let them figure it out.

    As to being dangerous, any former member of the JWs who leaves because of standing on principle, is VERY dangerous, not to the individual, but to the ORG, because the more people who will hear you out as to your reasons, the greater the coming tidal wave. Then nip it in the bud (usually) by DFing you for whatever reason they can find or think up. That way you are villified and off limits to any JW in good standing, hence quarantined, or as I like to say, ANATHEMATIZED.

    While having a conversation with a close friend the night before we sent the letter out to all our friends, she told me that I was dangerous. If I had the presence of mind, I would have like to have responded: "The WT Society is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people through double standards, deceit and manipulation. Yet, I am the dangerous one? Tell me, who have I ever harmed?" Ah well, you always think of the better response later.

  • JimWood

    I'm not sure if No. 37 still refers to the UN as the Revelation book does. *** re chap. 35 p. 258 par. 21 Executing Babylon the Great *** 21 Yes, the nations will use the scarlet-colored wild beast, the United Nations, in destroying Babylon the Great. I do not recall any official change on this; therefore I would say that I am not an Apostate because I still hold this view. I can't wait to have the 'brothers' explain the lack of reference to the UN in that tract to me in our upcoming JC meeting. I agree with Lenny, we are only dangerous to the org as a whole, not to the individual. So here is to spreading the 'good news' about the bOrg.

  • sspo

    I love seeing the elders getting all nervous and aggravated when all their plans are being spoiled

  • JimWood

    And I'm hoping to leave them with their pants soiled:)

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    We've been sending copies of kingdom news 37 to the local churches, and it's got back to the local jw hierachy, who are somewhat pi$$ed about it, as they feel it will take away some of the "impact" of the tract when they come to distribute it next month if a lot of people have already seen it. What they don't know yet is that we have also sent it to the editor of the local newspaper, who is a friend of Trevs', and no friend of the jws, and he is going to publish it a week before the campaign starts!



  • mama1119

    Are there any "safe" apostates?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Having sent kn37 to our local paper, we have decided to take our campaign a little furthewr afield by sending copies to all the national newspapers as well, with an explanation of what the tract is all about, and when the jws plan to start distribution. Hopefully, one or two at least will print it. We will update everyone if and when this happens.


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