Would this offend you, if the government made this policy

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  • lovelylil

    Yes, but I couldn't do anything to stop them. But will pray for all those affected by the policy.

    I don't like when any particular group is singled out and labeled because of what some in that group do. Also, terrorists come in all shapes, sizes, ethnic groups, social sectors, etc. Remember the Oaklahoma City Bombing? Well, that was one of our own.

    I think to single out one group is where the seeds of hate against them start, and when it grows too big - it gives birth to gennocide of that whole group of people.

    Remember the atrocities against blacks in our country? Remember Hitler and the Jews? What happened in Rwanda? The human race has these experiences to learn from them but they never do. It is sad really.

    Many ask when will we have true peace? - when everyone in the world accepts the fact that as a human race we are all related to each other as a family. The family of the human race.

    And we do unto others as we want them to do unto us. Such simple words, yet so hard for humans to obey them. Lilly

  • dvw

    racial and ethnic profiling makes sense.

    if there were a number of rapes occurring in a community and the victims all described a blond haired blue eyed young man as the attacker; would it make any sense to round up all the old guys in town, or be on the lookout for a black guy?

    political correctness will be our undoing. who gives a damn if someone gets offended? the odds say "leave grandma alone and scrutinize the arabs."

  • free2beme

    With 9/11, often we forget or put in it's shadow the Oklahoma City bombing. Yet when that happened, do you remember how quickly our country thought "Arabs did this" and how shocked we were when we saw it was a white man who looked about as American as apple pie.

  • nsrn

    Gee, dvw, you said what I was thinking but was too hesitant to say. Terrorists can come in different colors, but I think tighter scrutiny for those who fit the profile is the quite logical response.

  • IP_SEC

    I am deeply offended by this thread and all its comments

  • free2beme

    When a wars is waged, you have to decide the best way to spend your resources. If you spread yourself to thin, you will loss. So you target the most likely, and concentrated source, and you wage the war in a way that makes most sense. Whether or not that is right or wrong, belongs to those who write the history books and may our children forgive us for the sins of the fathers.

  • dvw

    nsrn, thanks, i am sure though, not all will agree.

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    I don't really like getting into political discussions because I really don't have any hard rules that I think work or that I agree wtih. But, I guess I have already said something. So, I will put another two cents in.

    I am not crazy, at all, about the Muslim religion. I think that it is just another cultish place that treats women badly and they think that they are the only ones who are right. So, similar to JW's. The extremists of their religion also seem to be bent on killing other human beings in acts of terrorism.

    However, Americans are not racially profiled as killers but I think that they, as a nation, commited one of the biggest acts of terrorism ever when they dropped the H-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Sure there was a world war going on and it certainly ended it but when they dropped those bombs it wasn't on a military compound it was on women, children and people that could in no way prepare or defend themselves. I am not anti American, I am one but living with this in our past is surely not something that I am proud of. Maybe there are some Muslims that agree with that sentiment as well. Hopefully there are those that are embarrassed by the actions of people in their religion.

    Do I believe in racial profiling, yes, on who, humans in general. We are certainly a violent lot. How sad that any race comes to the conclusion that the solution to a problem is to blow each other up.

    Loruhamah~I think I will put my rose colored glasses back on now and hear what ya'll have to say.

  • SixofNine

    It wouldn't work, especially long term, and could in fact be used against us.

    I'm not bothered by the idea that individuals, working seperate of official authority, tend to profile; it's just human nature. However, as I said, this can easily backfire, and be used against us. If the police are looking for a red get-away car, it's a pretty simple thing to do your next robbery in a black pickup truck.

    In addition to not being smart in terms of prophylactic effect, it would also tend to give Arabs a good reason to hate Americans.

  • stillajwexelder

    absolutely not - it is common sense

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