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  • Greenleigh

    Hey All,

    I was raised as a JW, did what my parents who have been in it since there teens. Got baptized at 15, pretty much my whole only child witness life was spent alone, i never had any close jw friends, because everyone in our congregation were so cliquey.Anyways i stopped really attending meetings at age 19, when my best friend got df, i had already gotten privately reproved and i was upset and how they handled things with me, so i just told my mom i wasn't going to be a hyprocrit, and go to meetings and pretend to be happy, and agree with them..

    Anyways long story short, i'm 23 now, and of course i got very depressed in 03, for about 6months, and just went through the mill, to be freaking around witnesses who i knew were fake drove me crazy, when u only ask how i am doing after not attending for months at a time, u are not my friend!

    I got disfellowshipped in feb 04, over an issue with a brother who lead a double life, that is i didnt and never will lead a double life, i am not a hypocrit like many of them are, i am not 2 1/2 yrs out, and attended a convention in 03 for 1 day, went back to meetings sep04-dec 04, then moved out and lead my own life, but moved back home ,met a worldy guy, almost had a baby, almost got married, okay well lesson i';ve learned no worldy person is going to be right for me, so now i am back with that brother i knew at 19, he's amazing, and we understand eachother fully, he's going through a divorce from one of my ex-jw best friends, it's odd how we somehow end up back in someones life..

    My mom is driving me crazy, she's one of the xtremist of the jw's, my dad is hella cool, he listens to me, doesnt yell at me like she still does, she said it's wrond that i have "an independant spirit", and that i'm basically going to die, and if i ever call home they might not be there because armageddon would have started, okay dont freaking do that "SCARE TACTIC", THEY drives me crazy, honestly if i didnt live at home, i would go back, mom freaking leave it alone, u taught me well, u both did, but your jw mind wont let u see you are STILL, PUSHING ME AWAY...

  • vitty

    Hi and welcome.

    You will find great support here, because so many have gone through what you are going through now

  • Arthur

    Welcome !

    There are many people who will totally understand your situation, and will be able to relate to you here. So, pull up a chair and hang around a while.


  • Dansk


    You're among TRUE friends now.


  • jwfacts

    Welcome, nice to hear from you. I am wondering if you still believe the Watchtower doctrines. If not I hope your boyfriend does not as well, as it will make it a lot easier for you to move on with your lives together.

  • mama1119

    Welcome, you wil find alot of good advice here!

  • jgnat

    So your boyfriend, is he still a JW?

    You don't relate to worldly people, and you won't relate to freaky JW's like your mom. In this middle ground you've found someone who understands you, who has had a similar background as you, and understands the JW weirdness. It's sounds like you've left on the outside, but haven't yet found an alternate to the JW life on the inside.

    I'd like to see you broaden your friendships and maybe broaden your thinking a bit. Maybe read some books, like "The Red Tent".

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi Greenleigh, and welcome to the board.

    You will find true friends here


  • monkeyshine

    What's up Green? Welcome to the site.

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