My story, i'm 23 and [edited]

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    y r u edited

    so welcome

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    I am thinking maybe, some rule was broken? a mod did it I believe...



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    For future reference (so I don't commit any forumcrimes myself) can someone in general terms explain what transgression the OP committed?

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    Welcome to the board.

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    It looks like ozziepost edited the thread and title. based on the reference it was a violation of no. 3 under the posting guidelines

    Swearing, using hate-speech or making obscene or vulgar comments.
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    Hi Greenleigh,

    It's traumatic and horrible the mind games that witness friends and family will play when someone they love is trying to leave. They will do and say the most unloving things.

    Every family and person is different, however, I can understand where you're coming from. I am an only child as well and when I first expressed my feelings to my parents it was devastating for them. They told me everything from 1) that I should feel horrible about setting such a bad example for the other young people who looked up to me and that I was damaging everyone in the congregation to 2) that I was going to cause them to have to question their faith (as if that would be such a terrible thing to 3) that they couldn't believe that they had a daughter who had turned out so selfish and self-centered. And that just names a few on top of dying at Armageddon, etc etc. I'm sure I've blocked out the worst of what they said. I think it's especially difficult if you're an only child because there's no one else there to divide the attention. And I'm sure it's even more challenging if you're still living at home.

    It is very hard not to let all of that kind of jargin get to you. I can be quite psychologically damaging. It helps to remind yourself not to take it too personally - it's just a product of the brainwashing and the teaching that they are being loving.


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    Lady Liberty

    Dear Greenleigh,

    WELCOME to the forum! You won't have a problem finding plenty of friends and support here. Hang in there you are not alone.


    Lady Liberty

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    Greetings Greenleigh,

    From all of us here @ JWD, Welcome! Like Arthur said, pull up a chair....


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