Has anyone spoken 'in tongues'?

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    The Watchtower-1992-August 15-p.-7, states that the speaking in tongues of today is really opening a way for the deceptions of Satan. Yet, Jehovah's Witnesses claim that they "speak in a "tongue" of their own called the "pure language"! If this so-called "pure language" Jehovah's Witnesses speak of is so clear and understandable, then why is it that Jehovah's Witnesses do not even understand some of this "pure language" themselves? For instance,--How many Jehovah's Witnesses understand fully all of the illustrations and teachings of this "pure language" concerning the [types and anti-types?], or all of the illustrations or "pure language" of the [heavenly Jerusalem in contrast to earthly Jerusalem], or how many Jehovah's Witnesses fully understand all of the "pure language" of their own [Blood policies], or even know how their own governing-body interpret scriptures? How many Jehovah's Witnesses fully understand the "pure language" of the [Babylon The Great Book?] How many Jehovah's Witnesses know why they are called a "publisher", when clearly not one of them are publishing anything? Not too many Jehovah's Witnesses understand their OWN TONGUE! Their TONGUE is just as much gibberish as the Satanic influence they condemn other churches for speaking!


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    My second wife was Pentecostal and spoke in tongues. It was just some jibberish to me- a gutteral language from the distant past of Man's origins, maybe. People would speak/prophecy in tongues at her Church for 2 minutes, then someone would get up and interpret what was said- they would spend 5 minutes doing that. After awhile I began to see a repetitive quality to the words- like 50 different sounds spewed out over and over again. The interpretations always were unique,though. I have heard that some people have actually spoken in a foreign tongue, unkown to the speaker, but recognized by a native born speaker in the audience. I've never seen this happen, but I guess anything is possible.


    Yes I've spoken in tongues...I was running for political office at the time.


  • skyking

    My dad grew up as a Pentecostal he spoke in tongues. He said it made him sad and he did not like it. What is of interest to me is all the African native religions and the Voodoo religions that speak in tongues. If it is a mark of true religion this must assume that this are true as well. The bible say there must be an interrupter is there one at the church you go to. Also the bible say not all would have this gift, I have question for you what do they think of the few members that do not speak in tongues?

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    Hi Lighthouse,

    After I left the JWs, I attended different Churches, including the Pentecostal and Assembly of God. I witessed several speaking in tongues, but they did so quietly and respectfully. Most Protestant Churches believe that tongues went away in the first century, but they do not judge those churches that do believe tongues still exist. The Catholic Church still officially teaches that tongues ended their intial purpose in the first century, but some Catholic Churches have emerged with evidence of speaking in tongues. Eastern Orthodox believes that the Holy Spirit still uses tongues, but they generally do not see evidence of its existence.

    Tongues had three purposes. One was to instantly be able to speak in another language to convey the Good News about Jesus Christ. The second purpose was to uplife the congregation in those cases where it was upbuilding to witness evidence of the Holy Spirit operating, and then it was also to be nejoyed privately by individuals to be upbuilt by recognizing that the Holy Spirit was operating within them. The Watchtower Society only recognizes the first two purposes, especially the first purpose, because it fit within their concept that all Christians are obligated to be preachers.

    Jim Whitney

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    I always felt the tongues at pennecost was to spread the gospel to other nations, that tongues were actualy foreign languages. I never believed it was just to show a manafestation of holy spirit.

    This group did show scriptures were Jews and early Christians very physicaly involved in worship, not just taking a seat and listening to speaker giving a verbatim sermon.

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    I have heard that story as well Arthur, it's like a lot of jw stories, designed to "prove" other religions as false. It's just another jw myth.

    I have never personally heard anyone speaking in tongues, and I doubt I'd want to.

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    My dad grew up as a Pentecostal he spoke in tongues. He said it made him sad and he did not like it.

    I used to work with a girl who occasionally spoke in tongues, and she said the same thing. She didn't like it, it made her feel she had no control.


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    Speaking in Tongues: Is that the sounds a woman makes when you use your tongue to.... oh, wait... you guys are talking about something else.

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