Has anyone spoken 'in tongues'?

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  • mkr32208

    There's a homeless guy that live under a bridge near my house he speaks in tongues all the time!

  • LittleToe

    I've never done it, but I've heard it in a number of churches throughout Britain and the particular language I heard was similar in each case. As Moshe said, it's a gutteral language, and recognisable if you've ever heard it.

    I don't really see the use for it, and (as in Corinth) congregations that have an "interpreter" on hand are in the minority, in my experience.

  • greendawn

    This is another claim that miracles happen, if it were true then we would all know about it for sure, similar claims about saints making miracles are also unsubstantiated.

  • LittleToe

    One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the number of people who will stroll on into a conversation and give their opinion about something they have no personal experience of and insist they are right when it flies in the face of comments from those who are speaking from personal experience. It's usually on a subject that is broadly defined as "spiritual", but not exclusively. I just give a wry grin and let them believe what they want to, after all, we each have our own paradigm...

  • peacefulpete

    Millions of people do it. In my area a group within the Catholic church endorsed it, though it takes a while to create the environment where the psychology involved succeeds and the group fizzeled. I had a B.S. who was a super nice guy but a seriously heavy alcoholic. He bopped from church to church to find a place of acceptance without having to address his problem. He found that by needing to fit in he could mirror any group. He spoke in "tongues" and said it served as a comfort to believ it was a sign of god's acceptance. Its not demons people its psychology. I met up with him after I left the JWs and he said he didn't do it anymore since around the time he found a girlfriend.

  • marsh

    I am a Christian now,and have visited many churches,I have seen some who are gifted in many ways.I believe the gifts are still with us today.I also believe there are abuses of gifts. I do not speak in tongues but I know some Christians who do.mostly in private prayer.

    I was raised a RC the only tongue I heard there was Latin,There are RC charasmatics who speak in tongues today.

  • marsh

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