What musicians did JWs ban?

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  • love2Bworldly

    Ok I don't mean to copycat the other thread on movies, but it got me thinking. I remember throwing out all my beloved Beatle albums because they did drugs. Elton John was bad because he was gay. The singer from Fleetwood Mac was a witch. Any others you can think of?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I didn't have any music that the elders considered "dodgy", but my boyfriend was advised to dispose of all his Doors and Led Zeppelin albums when he joined. He did do, but has bought them all on cd since he left.

  • chiddy

    Remember Jesus and Mary Chain? rumour has it they went on to be pioneers

  • blondie

    Heavy metal and hip hop (rap) and rock get their own category in the WT index......

  • juni

    I remember during in between time at the Hall - after am service and before pm service - we pioneers gathered around Bro. Elder who had a list of musicians that we should stay away from. I don't know where the list came from for sure, but I remember him saying the Society backed the list. Whatever that meant. I guess "GOD HAS SPOKEN".

    They mentioned Linda Ronstadt, ABBA and almost every other group. Actually it had to have been drawn up by an old person because nothing was mentioned about Liberace or any Sinatra stuff like that. Even though these old guys were okaying singers from their time I'm sure w/o a doubt that they too were "naughty".

    Actually I felt like going home after that crapola was discussed.


  • Dismembered


    The face of the guy in the window on the Hotel California album wrote the "Satanic Bible".


  • juni

    This is a funny story that relates to the topic.

    The old fuddy duddy PO of the cong. said that the beat of rock n'roll was (I don't know how to put this delicately; I'll try) or matched the "beat" of 2 people doing the deed. Showed where is mind was!

    My husband laughed and said, " Actually rock n'roll has the same "beat" (whatever the term is - you musicians will know what I mean) as jazz." The PO was saying jazz is o.k.; rock'n roll not o.k.

    He got steamed up and pissy and finally his son - another elder - had to agree w/my husband. That was classic to see an elder who thinks he owns your soul to see him wither and shrink! Wished I had a camera!


  • brutusmaximus

    ELO not sure why

    AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Led Zeb (threw all the albums out), Santana he sang about a black magic woman, Blue Oyster Cult, Depeche Mode because of personal jesus, oh and some classical as well because these guys were possessed and some of the titles were dodgy. Nazareth, Kiss aka Knights in Satans Service, not sure if WBTS made that up or if it's for real

    Not sure of anymore


  • done4good

    I can think of lots of bands different jws had issues with, not necessarily the "offical" list, but these were some of the more common ones...

    1. Led Zeppelin (Jimi page's whole Alyster Crowley thing)

    2. AC/DC (Rumor that this somehow stands for "Against Christ/Devil's Cult)

    3. Styx (The Greek Mythological river that leads to Hell)

    4. ELO (Backwards masking on "Face the Music", etc.

    5. Rush, (Rumor that this meant Royal Ushers of Satan's House, or something like that)

    Basically, they had a problem with everything I liked, so I never really bothered to care.


  • OpenFireGlass

    ummmm.... coulda' made this a much shorter list/thread, if ya asked : "What musicians did the JW's NOT ban"

    I know, I know... what fun is that?... and how will that help my post count... LOL


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