What musicians did JWs ban?

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  • JWdaughter

    Prince and Michael Jackson-both inappropriate. Go figure!

  • mama1119

    Gin Blossoms ( because it said Gin)

    Guns n' Roses (duh)

    Stone Temple Pilots (can't remember why)

    Nirvana (too grungy)

    Why would we want to fill our minds with "wordly" music when we can fill it with the glory that is Kingdom Melodies.

  • material BOY
    material BOY

    my parents banned me from listning to madonna! i was orderd to trash all my posters records etc.

    but there plan failed miserably!

  • Beardo

    Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall .... apparently around these parts, that song encouraged kids to rebel at school

    My Reggae music was also frowned at for promoting false religion, so to my Latin Jazz - certain brothers just didn't like those funky jungle beats. In fact, if you think about it, depending on the company present, pretty much everything had the potential to come under fire.

  • mama1119

    My brother used to hide cd's in the back of his picture frames on his wall. Pretty good hiding spot if you ask me.

  • jaguarbass

    Some jw somewhere had something bad to say about all popular music. We were only supposed to go to meetings and go door to door. And rest up to restart the cycle.

  • purplesofa

    I remember when I was studying and we were on the chapter of entertainment or something.

    This dear sweet lady that came with my bible teacher..........said how she could not listen

    to the song...........Me and Mrs Jones............

    we got a thing going on........

    cuz it was about a man and women having an affair.

    But that she had liked the way the song sounded so much.

    I was thinking how I never really paid attention to the words of the song.........but I think I always thought it was about a man and his own wife.

    When NewKidsOnTheBlock first came out..........they came where I live and the counsel was to not go to that worldly concert. I felt sorry for the kids.....they could not do anything!!!! The mother just let the tickets not be used. NO REFUND

    Same for the Rolling Stones..........evil.....just evil to go see them.

  • Scully

    They really didn't like KISS. They loved perpetuating the urban myth that KISS stands for "Knights In Satan's Service" or "Kings In Satan's Service" (I heard both versions).

  • CaptainSchmideo

    October 15, 1983 Watchtower:"Beware of music that debases"



    In the field of music spiritual perils do exist. For instance, many popular musicians are involved in the occult. Some openly admit that they worship Satan, and satanic influence often shows up in their music and songs. But how can a Christian tell if demonic influence exists in certain music? It is sufficient in some cases to look at the cover of a record album. Depicted on it you may see characters dressed to look like witches, demons or devils. Or the cover may have pictures tending toward the mystical or the occult. The name of the musical group or of an album may indicate a connection with the demons, as may the titles and words of the songs. For example, what would you conclude from song titles such as "Sympathy for the Devil" and "Children of the Grave"? The NewYorkPost reported that one such song was "a brazen admission" that the musicians were "working hand-in-glove with Satan." (So I guess they didn't like "The Rolling Stones".....)


    There have also been recordings of unscriptural and even demonistic messages by means of a technique called backward masking, used by a number of musical groups. When the recording of one very popular song is played backward, it repeatedly says, "Decide to smoke marijuana." If played backward, another popular recording carries this message: "I will sing because I live with Satan. . . . There?s no escaping it, my sweet Satan." (So nix to "Queen" and "Led Zeppelin"...)


    Normally, of course, people do not play recordings in reverse. Yet, when listening to certain musical records, either unscriptural or demonic ideas may be absorbed by a mind left open to improper suggestion. HighFidelityMagazine quoted a divisional head of one record company as saying: "The kind of receptivity needed for the new rock and the new classical are exactly the same. . . . You have to give yourself up to it and let them take your mind." But is this wise? A spiritually unguarded mind can leave you open to intrusion by the demons!?Compare Matthew 12:43-45. (I guess the "new classical" could be reference to musicians like Philip Glass and Kronos Quartet, but I doubt that the writers would know who these people are...)

    But Wait! Country Music doesn't get passed over either!

    Concerning country music, an article in The News & Observer of Raleigh, North Carolina, states: "Honky tonk angels and cheatin? men have always played their part in country songs, but never in the history of the music have their illicit affairs been so graphically depicted as they are today."

    This is as specific as I can recall publications coming out with a "forbidden" list of performers. I do remember a District Overseer (Moske) singling out a video for its violence (I think it was a "Twisted Sister" video, a father and son arguing about his music, and the band comes in and throws Dad out the window. (Anybody feel free to correct my memory here! (Added after edit:Thanks, River of Deceit!!!!)) Also, I think it was this same elder who listed off songs with the "spirit of the world" and listed "Born to Be Wild" and "Magic Carpet Ride" (both by "Steppenwolf"...maybe he picked up a copy of the "Easy Rider" soundtrack because of them "long haired hippies"). What was weird, though, was this in the early 90's, when the only people jamming to these tunes were in their 30s and 40s!

    Then, there was the elder who, during the Disco Age, held up the copy of Newsweek magazine with Donna Summer on the cover, and stated, "She has a beautiful body, but a very ugly face. You've heard of getting hit with the ugly stick? She was hit with the whole tree!"

    And of course, the dreaded Rap and Hip-Hop incursion that threatens to destroy all Witness youth!

    I'm sure there have been others, as well.....

  • riverofdeceit

    (I think it was a "Quiet Riot" video, a father and son arguing about his music, and the band comes in and throws Dad out the window. (Anybody feel free to correct my memory here!))

    Twisted Sister

    Anyhow, I know they specifically mentioned a band called "Deicide".

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