The JW female

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  • Dansk

    Hey Geronimo,

    Has some woman upset you, then?


    the bigger the brain; the more bad ideas one can come up with.



    Why the heck are you here? It never ceases to amaze me how you JW apologists come here to defend Watchtower's garbage when to do so goes against the very organisation you defend! The Governing Body has decreed that its members should not visit apostate sites. So why do you do it?

    Don't get me wrong, you're welcome to be here - but please keep your apologist comments to yourself. Watchtower has injured many souls here; we've had a bellyful of lies and hypocrisy and have moved on with our lives. Kindly respect the feelings of others!

    As for the Bible, do you personally know anyone who knew anyone who knew who wrote the scriptures? No? So, again, why are you quoting from a book that cannot be proven to espouse truth, i.e. that it is the word of God? Because the Bible infers that women should be in subjection to men you accept it as gospel do you? It doesn't matter, then, that if the man in the household is an utter jerk and ruining the lives of his wife and/or family that he should still have headship? Has it never occurred to you that the reason the scriptures want the woman to be in subjection is because they were written by MEN?


    I agree. Men can be right idiots at times and those in Brooklyn are the biggest idiots of all! One only has to look around at "small-brained" women in the medical, scientific and engineering fields to realise the folly of Watchtower's statements.


  • SirNose586

    Yes, this enlightening and scientifically airtight message has been brought to you by the same folks who gave you such hits as: "[Aluminum cooking utensils are] a curse to humanity and their manufacture and use should be forbidden by law" and "It has never been proven that a single disease is due to germs."

  • Gill

    Oh Linda! This is so funny!

    Some one needs to get the old Awake and Wagtower copies to IntheTruth!

    As for Geronimo! Good grief! Go take a chill pill!

    I'm laughing too much to say anything else at the moment. I'll get back later!

    Great thread!

  • Gill

    Right! Let's just say, in answer to the fact that we women have smaller and in effect less intelligent brains!

    All I can say is, it was a MAN who invented the WTBTS!

    It was a man who invented Mormonism.

    It was a man who invented scientology.

    It was a man who invented the Moonies!

    All that large brain muscle and no idea how to use it except to come up with crap!

    I've not met a woman yet who has come up with such total crapola (though I expect that someone will dig one or two losers up from somewhere).

    The JW female, is oppressed and insignificantised to the extreme. She is probably neurotic and more than likely physically ill because of the oppression she receives mentally from the bOrg. Remember, she is forced to believe that she is a second class citizen.

    However, just as the men, (to all of you moaners who think we ladies have it in for you blokes) the women are as capable as the men. They are just told that they are not and compelled to believe it.

    Geronimo - Men and Women are more alike than they are different. If we all remember that, there will be less 'sore feelings' all around.

    Inthetruth - Get your ass on to ebay and start buying up those non existent pre 1970 Wagtowers and Awakes. You're in for a treat!

  • Arthur

    It was a man who invented Mormonism.

    It was a man who invented scientology.

    It was a man who invented the Moonies!

    Don't forget, it was also a man who invented the manssiere:

  • Gill

    Arthur! Well I didn't say men never have good ideas1

  • sass_my_frass

    Mr Frass just told me this story: the scientist who published that hated women so much that he had cabs pick him up from his door everywhere he went so he wouldn't by accident meet a woman on the street. When he died he donated his body to science, and it was discovered that his brain was smaller than that of the average female human. I can't confirm this anywhere though, so it could just be a good story. Still, Mr Frass says 'well, you are prettier'.

  • mama1119

    Wow, Geronimo is really upset. What a lucky woman his girlfriend is, he is a charming fellow.

    In my opinion, since we have "smaller brains" I think we are very selective with what we fill it up with. Men think they have all this space to fill so they load up on a bunch of crap. Then they run out of space for all the smarts they should have stored up on. Then we have to help them along.

    But, they are good for some things :)

  • Dansk


    Men think they have all this space to fill so they load up on a bunch of crap.

    Some men..................................................


  • fullofdoubtnow

    inthetruth said:

    There aren't any Awake magazines I have found before the year 1970. Gee, I wonder Why????

    If you want to read the awake that the information come from, click on this link:

    So you haven't seen any pre - 1970 copies of awake? Aren't you tempted to ask why? Maybe the gb don't like you reading older material, I know they didn't like me reading it when I was a jw.

    Geronimo, I have no idea what brought on your rant, but I hope you feel better soon.

    Thanks to everyone else for your replies.


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