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  • fullofdoubtnow

    As a follow - up to Dansk's thread on the jw male, I was looking at a bit of info in quotes, and found this bit of crapola from the August 22nd 1967 awake, which gives "reasons" why the man should be the head of the woman:

    However, the facts show that the headship of a man is both somatically and psychologically sound and in the best interests of all concerned, even as we shall see. Thus a leading authority on the human body (soma), Gray's Anatomy (1966 Edition), tells the interesting fact that as regards the human skull there is no difference between the male and the female until the time of puberty; but then as adulthood is reached the difference becomes more and more apparent. The female skull is lighter and its cranial capacity is about 10 percent smaller than that of a male, even as is the rest of the anatomy. The contour of the female skull is also more rounded and the facial bones are smoother. Apparently, with the lines of beauty goes less rugged strength.

    True, mere brain size in itself is not as important as brain quality, but where the quality is the same the larger brain size has an advantage. Thus Science News, April 1, 1967, told of twenty African children who were so extremely undernourished in the first few years of their lives that "head circumferences...averages an inch less that the others, indicating smaller brain." And over the years all these were found to have verbal, mathematical and perceptual capabilities far below those of other children. Implicit in these findings is that man is advantaged by a greater brain size.


    So they are saying, in the first paragraph, that male headship is in everybodys interests because men have larger heads! Well, we knew that anyway, but I don't see how it gives them the right to rule over their wives, and as for using the example of 20 undernourished African children to "prove" that mens' brains being bigger than womens' gives them an advantage is more than a little insulting, I would say. What do you think?


  • grey matters
    grey matters

    Another classic example of pseudo science from these idiots!

  • Scully
    male headship is in everybodys interests because men have larger heads

    This is a classic example of the kind of "logic" that results from people with larger heads using their "little heads" to make decisions for them.

  • inthetruth

    what a crock of crap! Man you people really come up with some real fantasy land data! To those of you reading,

    There aren't any Awake magazines I have found before the year 1970. Gee, I wonder Why????

    All of the magazines I have read have never said the Male is smarter or healthier, etc than the woman. It is a simple matter of THE BIBLE (remember that book) says the head of the woman is the male, the head of the male is Christ, the head of Christ is God. Our mags have all said that the woman is a compliment to the male. Since most of these people are not members of the congregation though I dont think anyone would be wise to take any information they got from these people about what the Jw's teach and believe it. I can see the forums are not for Bible discussions, only crap-a-ramas.

  • sspo

    In the organization the female has the man by the b.....s

    So there is no rulership on the part of a man.

    Most witness female always cry the weaker vessel junk and get their ways.

  • Geronimo

    Seems to me its women with the big heads. Women are constantly putting men down for everything. Without males, who would you blame your inadequacies and failures on? "Why can't men remember to put the toilet seat down!" Hell, why can't YOU remember to put it down? I would learn to do it after dunking my arse only ONCE in the toilet, not over and over and over as you females do! I grew up in a housefull of women. Three sisters, a stepsister, a live-in grandmother, and my step-mother. You're constantly stabbing each other in the back. Beingh two-faced by being all nice to someone you hate and then ripping them apart when they aren't there. Most men let each other know face-to-face we don't like each other. Women love to steal small things, anything they can secret away in their purse. They snoop in the medicine cabinets of people they're visiting.

    Women nag constantly about things that don't matter. Majoring in minors, making mountains out of mole-hills. I know a couple with the last name of Polk who divoreced because he kept dropping his coks on the bedroom floor and not putting the toilet lid down. They had a good marriage, but the wife let the little things dominate her thinking. Now she lives alone, bitter and angry, in an efficiency apartment and HATES having to work outside in the real world.

    When I worked as a custodian for a school district, women were the worst. They would get lost in detail work, such as scrubbing some tiny spot until it was all gone, and not have enough time for the important over-all work. They just couldn't get their brains to see the big picture. Then they would come to we men, batt their eyelashes as if we were horny sixteen year olds that fall for that crap, and try to get us to do their work. They were supposed to be able to lift and carry 100 pounds by themselves for the job. They would take the job and then whine "But I cant lift it!" and expect the men to do the lifting. Why the hell did they take a mans job if they couldnt do the work? They wound up being an albatross around our necks. There is no worse boss than a woman. Power-mad, nasty, out to take "revenge" on a male dominated world which is responsible for all her failures. Her wiring is all fouled up! I won't work for a woman boss because they're nuts, especially on their periods. A male boss can be reasoned with. Hell, you can even get into a shouting match with a male boss and have some lunch afterward. Women, you yell with a woman, she is your lifelong enemy. You want to be equals in this mans world, but you refuse to learn the rules and play by them. You expect us to change for you.

    Women want to go to all-male colleges, but they lose their minds if a male demands to be let into an all-female school! Women want to be equals, but they don't want to have to be drafted and go to war to get shot up same as the men. Either you want equality or you don't. Equality isn't selective. You can't say "I only want the good stuff about equality, I don't want to have to take the bad stuff with it." I think it's high time we see women coming home from war shot to hell and their husbands abandoning them because their breasts are gone or they're scarred and burned and missing limbs or confined to wheelchairs. Thats what I can EQUALITY. When women are ready to step up to the plate and play ball, I'm with them. Until then, you're very confused human beings.

    No, I don't think men are perfect, we are as faulted as women are. But we don't nag you to death about minutia and try to force you to become something you arent. We dont blame our personal failures on you. We own up to our screw ups. No, all men aren't this way, and all women aren't the way I outlined. There are always exceptions. Some women take responsibility for themselves.

    Take orgasms for example. I watched a womans talk show years ago about orgasms and how it's was all their man's fault these women weren't having orgasms. They expected to just lay there and have the man knock himself out trying to be Don Juan on steroids, practically doing cartwheels to give them an orgasm. Men take responsibility for their own climax. My girlfriend does too. We have a good twenty minutes of foreplay, which is about her limit, then as we have coitus, she masturbates. We nearly always climax at the same time. It's wonderful! Most women though expect a man to "fix" their life and make it wonderful insetad of just accepting us as we are and accepting life as it is, as we accept you for who and what you are. Take responsibility for yourselves instead of blaming your failures, faults, and shortcomings on the men in your life. Stop being a catty backstabber and a nag.

    Oh, and for Christ's sake remember to put that damned toilet seat down before you plunk your ass in filthy toilet wate
    r yet AGAIN! G

  • Geronimo

    I meant SOCKS not coks!

  • Arthur

    Oh, yes, how better it has been, having only men taking the lead in Jah's Organization! A bunch of false propheices, doctrinal flip-flops, disastrous child abuse policies, and now, a cut & paste Revelation book. Oh, yes; yes indeed.

    Here's a caveat one should consider: the bigger the brain; the more bad ideas one can come up with. It's what I like to call a "cranial crap-shoot".

  • Geronimo

    Oh Arthur, you little Minx! Obviously I'm going way off topic. What do you suppose the bOrg would be like with old women running it? BETTER? Give me a break! G

  • Arthur
    What do you suppose the bOrg would be like with old women running it? BETTER? Give me a break! G


    I suggest that you stop and think for a few minutes before making such an infantile post. Did it ever occur to you that I was just joking around? Never did I suggest that the org should be run by women only. I was merely lampooning the above referenced Watchtower and Awake articles. It was just humor.

    So, I would like to suggest that you settle down, take a few deep breathes, and maybe smoke a peace pipe.



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