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  • SixofNine

    My fajer lorded over my mother and that's the beginning of me

    Last night as I lay on my pillow, Last night as I lay on my bed; Last night as I lay on my pillow I dreamed poor Jarecz was dead

  • daniel-p

    Everyone has very good points. I think the patriarchal structure of the organization appeals to primitive impulses of man and woman - for the man, being "in charge" and responsible, and for the woman, being safe and protected. For a lot of men, becoming a JW gives them a sense of worth that they can actually lead their family and set a "good" example... but of course, this equally smothers them with guilt when they inevitably fail (family WT study, daily text, Sat. morning service), because if any of the family's spiritual schedule isn't kept for that week, they all have someone to blame. The father then might react against this by taking it out on his wife and "lording it over her" so to speak. While I do agree that the organization gives a lot of power to the males of the household, it also holds them to an impossibly high standard (as it does with everyone, of course) in expecting them to be a perfect example for their family.

  • SixofNine

    "Everyone has very good points."

    Thanks, I put a lot of work into that post.

  • minimus

    I don't believe most JW males stay in the Organization because they have control. I think it's because they accept that their families and friends are all in it and "where else will they go?" Maybe the others actually believe the rubbish. I dunno. But I do think that suggesting males stay on for control is unfair. The same could be argued that women stay in their "role" so that they can be at least 2nd on the list. Beating out kids and animals.

  • target

    I guess a couple of you did not notice that SirNose586 was speaking in PAST TENSE. That is how it was, not how it is for him.

    Anyhow, if a JW wife does go to the elders to complain about how she is being treated at home, either she is not believed or she is told she needs to be a better wife, more sevice time, more study, more prayer. No wonder the husband feels he can do what he wants, he can!


  • minimus

    P.S. who really has "control" over anybody? Most JW women that I know of can never be controlled.

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