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  • itsallgoodnow

    welcome exwitless & hubby and also on the way out.

    wow, I can't believe they would leave that article in your door. they are such angry people.

    onthewayout, you've got a tough road ahead and I'm sure there will be lots of great support here for you. good luck!

  • juni

    Welcome both of you - husband and wife - to the forum.

    I read your profile LittleDrummerBoy. Others can relate to your business venture w/a brother. My husband had the same type experience and also the financial hardship also. I believe there is a thread going on that particular Topic.

    I look forward to your future postings. So many have found this is a wonderful site for empathy, answers to your questions, and humor. And a place to meet new friends!


  • Little Drummer Boy
    Little Drummer Boy

    Thanks Juni.

    I think you will find that on forums I lurk a lot and rarely post.

    I really do appreciate what everyone has to say, their various opinions, the support and care shown to other members, and the lively debates.

    I do want to post but, for me though, I find it difficult on forums to ... find my place as it were. It always seems that someone is better able to say what I'm thinking and gets to it before I can formulate my thoughs. Same thing always happend at the kingdom hall when we were expected to answer during meetings. I knew that I wanted to comment and knew what I wanted to say, but the words could never make to my mouth fast enough for me to feel like I could get my hand up in time and then make a coherant sentence. By the time I was ready to go with a comment, two or three or more people had already made the point (of course it then had to be beaten into the ground by about five other people saying the same thing, but we all know how that goes).

    For some reason the same thing seems to happen on forums for me. Usually I just don't know where to jump in on a thread. Maybe that will get better with time and practice. I know I don't want to be a leech on the board; only taking and never giving back, so I'll try. Part of it may be that it is all still so raw for me and reading many of the posts is sooooo disquieting.

    Anyway, thanks again to everybody for making us feel welcome.

    Peace to everybody,


  • Carmel

    LDB, welcome to you and our mrswitlessness! You're the only Christmas song I ever liked!


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