What would it take for everyone to get along?

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    In the New System everyone will get along.You`ll be able to pet lions,talk to blueberrys and walk through fields of Two Lips.The rivers will flow with cold beer and every child will be issued a banjo at birth..Why wouldn`t you want to live in the New System?...OUTLAW

  • Carmel

    They will all brush there teeth three times a day!


  • OpenFireGlass

    Well... Our bodies will be restored to perfection, so we would all be able to smoke Cannabis without the dangers of smoking.....

  • stillajwexelder

    everyone smoke marijuana

  • misspeaches

    The Rat and I are sworn enemies... Eeep! Imagine having to spend eternity with one another... hahaha

  • OpenFireGlass
    Maybe in the perfect world pot smoking won't be bad for us and we will all be mellow and chillin . Open fire guy will rule over us with his pet mountain lion and bear

    DOH ! ... How did I miss that before I posted?....

  • JH
    The Rat and I are sworn enemies... Eeep! Imagine having to spend eternity with one another... hahaha

    We don't see eye to eye...

    She keeps on saying it's Sunday

    No it,t not, it's Saturday !!!

  • jaguarbass

    The Witnesses say that everyone will be nice to each other in the new system....

    OK, but why the change?

    What will change that people will all of a sudden like each other and hate no one?

    I see people here every day, and some are nice to me, and other just hate me, and for no reason.

    Why would things change after Armageddon?

    I dont believe it anymore. But when I was a witness I used to think those who survived armegeddon were the ones that would follow the rules, the sheep. The rule was to love. When I had the mind of a child maybe I could have entered the kingdom of the heavens.

    Once I was a sheep but I found theres too many errors in the organization for it to be Gods representative.

    And theres too many errors and contradictions in the bible for it to be Gods word.

    Maybe I ate of the tree of knowledge of good and bad.

    End of the Fairy Tale.

  • hippikon

    ?What would it take for everyone to get along??

    Another 40,000 years of evolution perhaps

    ?and other just hate me"

    Jesus loves you ?????apparently

    ?need $50, do you really love me?

    Sure ?.Come and get it

  • avengers

    Up until this moment I like all of the exJdubbs.

    Or is that because of all the beer and food?


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