Whats left for me to say?

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  • sspo
    Some devout JW's won't listen to a thing other than the verbage from the great GB, ie, Watchtower, ie, God.

    That's the truth, once i've found out about the many lies of the GB, I tried very hard to reason with my wife, i did weaken her faith a little but she feels who am I to go against the

    " appointed ones of Jehovah and know better than them" and there are 6.5 mil. of them.

    She has watched the video, probably a hundred times from the society about the rebellion against Moses on the part of Korah and of course she has applied it to me that i'm rebelleing against the anointed of Jehovah.

    Unless they are ready it seems the GB comes before everyone else.

    My marriage is ending after 27 years, she decided she cannot live with an"apostate", ............... so weigh your words carefully.

    If she is old sometime is best to leave them alone and let them enjoy the freinds and association she has and don't forget the hope she has, even though we know it's not real it still serves a purpose for some.

  • blondie

    Well, as a gardener, I can say that one cannot continually water and fertilize a plant and constantly watch it. You could kill the plant. Just water some, fertilize when appropriate, not too much, not too often, and wait. A gardener learns that waiting is a big part of the whole process.


  • KW13

    Thanks for the advice folks, some useful things said.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hey KW, does she know about this board? Maybe if she read a few posts on here, like peoples stories, she might come to the conclusion that the wts isn't all it's cracked up to be.

    Also, the changing beliefs, and some of the silly things that they used to believe might work, the best place for them is one of the quotes sites. like this one: http://www.quotes-watchtower.co.uk/home.html

  • KW13

    good point, i might accidentally let her see it...

  • ex-perfectdaughter

    I understand about your feelings for your mum. I'm the only kid so my mom has meant so much to me. I personally wouldn't try to convince my mom the the GB lies. She is quite simple minded (God love her) and plus she is the Queen of the Circuit. She would be quite alone without the Society. Sometimes she calls me up crying because she misses me at meetings but I make sure we have quality time together and maybe show her a little tiny bit that there is a whole world out there besides the borg.

    Show her unconditional love like she will never find in the borg. Nothing can go wrong doing that.

  • Quandry

    Well, this is from a mother's point of view. There was probably nothing doctrinal you could have convinced me of. It might have disturbed me, but wouldn't have swayed me.

    What did my family in was the treatment of my child. You can look back at my posts and see some of the things done to her.

    I am thinking that, like me, the thing that may have the most effect is the child abuse revelation. Maybe mention one case at a time, and keep to that subject. It is like breaking down a wall, one brick at a time. Especially if you could find newspaper articles outlining the things that have happened.

    Perhaps ask some small questions. Just wondering mom, what is the current thinking on say, the resurrection of the people of Sodom? Or maybe Mom, what is the current acceptable thinking on organ transplants? What a shame, isn't it Mom, that before the WT Society said it was cannibalism and some died without an organ transplant? Wonder how their relatives feel now? Then let it go.

    Women go by feelings rather than rational, doctrinal arguments. Try to keep that in mind.

    By all means, as others have posted, love your mom. To have a family that loves you is a real blessing. More valuable than anything money can buy.

    Let her know you will always be there for her. As she gets older, she will find out the congregation won't extend a helping hand when she is the one that needs something.

  • Gilberto

    With my wife I played the long game and waited. I let her know what I was not happy with about the "truth". I didn't ask her to look at anything that would have put her on the defensive. She never felt I was apostate, so would "murmour " to me about things in the "truth", of course I was then able to agree with her and slip in the odd comment or two.

    I kept faith that she would see through it, her meetings slipped and ministry became non-existent. And eventually she saw the light. Having said that my wife says that she wishes I had forced the issue and told her to read CofC and look at JWD etc. earlier so she could have come out sooner. But I am not sure it would have worked.

    I know that our situations are a lot different. But just keep believing that one day your mum will come through. She will need a lot of help then.

    Its great to know you love your mum so much, that will help a lot. Best of luck


  • lovelylil


    I understand your frustration and wanting to help your mom. But, you may have to back off a bit or you will overwealm her with information. JWs are not used to processing so much information on their own all at once. Give her some time. Let her know you love her and show her that there is happiness outside the WT.

    Go on and live and make friends. As the opportunity arises, you can discuss the issues again. You never know but she may be processing it in her mind but is not sure yet what to do.

    I also believe that the WT org. will soon hang itself big time. Why? because they are loosing too many people, they may try to make drastic changes soon to keep in those who are really brainwashed by making some type of policy change to scare them even more. But at the same time, they will rid themselves of those just "hanging on the fringes with one foot out". I think they will take a loss of many, restructure and hope they recover. Lets face it, they are running out of money fast because of all who left and need to rid themselves of some to manage their resources better. I smell major shake up coming soon. Lilly

  • KW13

    The main impression i am getting, is either tread very carefully/use something very good or live a good life and show its possible to have one. I knew this, just hard to take advice as well as ya give it.

    i appreciate your comments, thoughts e.t.c

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