What's You're Musical Time Line...

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  • wonderwoman

    embarrasin' for who darlin?

  • OpenFireGlass
    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas baby...I know the rules.


    ok that's two big flirty threads for you two now

    getting a little embarrasin' lol

    ... No shame...

    embarrasin' for who darlin?

    Tell'em, Sweetie

  • Sparkplug

    1975ish and bbefore /All Motown. First LP Sara Smile by Darrell Hall And John Oats flipside was- Pablo Cruise, Aretha Franklin, Freddie Fender, Julio Inglesias. (My oldest sister influence) 1976-1978- Hank Wiliams, Earnest Tubbs, Jonney Cash, and anything with a Twang. Huge Twang. (stepdad was sooo Country) 1979- Lots of Singer songwriter stuff Joan Baez, Janis Joplin,Rod Stewart, Bonnie Tyler, Doobie Brothers, Frampton, Santana, Clapton, ELO, Willie Nelson 1980 to 1983-Lots of oldies. TONS... You know Sock Hop stuff Went to lots of sock hops and then also Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple, Doors, Hendrix, Stones, Zepplin, Boston. Santana, Clapton/ and Cream (I met my older brother then) Eagles 1983 to 1985. Laura Brannigan, Madonna, all of the lil boy band type music. DIO, Stacy Ladisol, Stacy Q, Michael Jackson, Billy Idol 1985-1990- Planet P, INXS, Berlin, Simply Red, Paul Simon, Shakespears Sister, Morrisey, Ted Nuggent, Blue Oyster Cult, Stevie Ray, Pat Benatar , Mariah Carey, Annie Lennox 1990 to 1992- Cure, Danzig, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam, Joe Satrianni, Jeff Beck, Ugly Kid Joe, Guns and Roses, Bruce Springsteen, Iggy Pop 1993-1995- Cake (Rock and Roll Lifestyle), Spin Doctors, Blues Brothers, BBKing, Van Morrison, Sinatra, Marc Cohen, Lots of blues and lots of Jerry Jeff Walker, Shirley Murdock, Alicia Myers (If you play your Cards Right), Alanis Morsette, Prince 1996 - 1198- Mellissa Etheridge, A lot of Country (Worked in a country Bar) NIN 1998- 2000 Jewel, Johney Lang (SP) , Didi, Natalie Merchant, Neil Young, Lauren Hill, Erika Badu 2000-2004 - KISS, Manson, Nora Jones, Joss Stone, (na bunch of heavy metal. Was married to a Heavy Metal Bass Player) Lots of eagles 2005- 2006- John Prine, Terri Hendrix, Mary Gautier (SP) , Bob Schneider, Dido, Natalie Merchant, Ottmar Liebert. And lastly- Lately I pop in a lot of my absolute favorites like the Eagles and Clapton, Santana. Plus a bunch of various countries music that I get from that Turkish store and Central Market. (A bunch of Mixed music from other countries) Basically all of my favorites pulled into my MP3.

  • restrangled

    OH how I hate to admit this:

    Donny Osmond, Michael Jackson, and the Partridge Family when I was very young.(I HOPE EVERYONE IS HAVING A GOOD LAUGH AT THIS POINT)

    The first "record "I bought was Spirit in the Sky" ...does any one remember this?

    In Jr. High School it was Yes, Crosby, Stills Nash and Young, Cat Stevens, Gordon Lightfoot, Aerosmith, and the Who.

    Anything else is on another thread.


  • IronClaw

    Born in 1959 grew up on Beatles, Stones etc.

    In the 70's listened to Top 40 Elton John, Stylistics etc.

    In the 80's started listening to Oldies stations for the 60's and 70's again.

    In the 90's more of the same

    Here in the 21st Century, still listening to the Oldies stations.

    Guess I'm stuck in the 60's and 70's OH WELL.

    The Claw.

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