Somebody give us a Ted Jaracz update!!

by WTFBBQPWNT 105 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gill

    I'd be interested, Linda! Thanks!

  • Gilberto
    I might just mention the rumours tomorrow to one or two of my friends. It's her book study tomorrow, and though I doubt she knows who Jaracz is, I'd bet she asks, and mentions the rumours.

    Now thats an idea, if we all mention the rumours to an active dub...

  • slimboyfat
    Yes Gill, and Trev just handed me the email address for Brooklyn bethel....

    You mean they are so poor they have to share one email address?

    Do they also sleep head to toe and eat corned beef?


  • jayhawk1

    Would this be appropriate to send TeddyJ?

  • Gill

    Jayhawk! That's the spirit!!! (Maybe not the Holy Spirit....but certainly the Spirit!)

  • fullofdoubtnow
    Now thats an idea, if we all mention the rumours to an active dub...

    Yes Gilberto, she doesn't actually speak to me, apart from work - related topics, but I will mention it within earshot of her. She won't ask me anything, but she will file it away in her memory, I know that.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Thankyou Jayhawk, you've just given us the perfect way to end our email.

  • jayhawk1

    You are welcome! I searched through Yahoo pictures looking for something close enough to work.

    PM the email addy to me, I'm game.

  • chiddy

    Alas i have have to agree that he dies a slow painful death alone, just think how many lives he's help to destroy , sorry it has to be this way Teddy, but thats life.

  • Gill

    He flip flopped to the end

    And drove his followers round the bend.

    They had to live by silly rules

    That made them look like silly fools.

    Then one day Ted too had enough

    And said 'Look Lord, I can't do this stuff.

    This religion's always talking about the End

    When really it's just clawing in money to Spend.

    I think I'll just curl up and die!'

    But God said, 'I ain't finished with you.

    I've got more work for you to do!

    Get out there and spread the word.

    Make sure that of my name everyone's heard -

    That my publishing company is the biggest, the strongest, fatest and the richest!'

    So out of bed poor Ted had to rise.

    He knew he had to keep his 'Eyes on the Prize!'

    If he was going to live forever, and have to die like the rest of us, Never, no Never!

    So, Ted's still working to this day.

    For him to retire there is no way.

    Because he is the 'Secret Pope' and has to hold on to his fantasy hope.

    Russell and Rutherford had to die'

    And Knowrr, Franz and the others, deep in the ground they lie.

    Their lives all wasted for a book companys empty dreams

    For what men say is not always what it seems.

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