What funeral will you have?

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  • Gilberto

    There has been a couple of threads about death just lately and it got me thinking about what funeral I would have. I hope it won't be for many years yet though.

    When you are a dub it would have just happened.

    When I was fading I would have just accepted that it would have been what my wife wanted. I would have also had to have a dub funeral for her. But did think only family and non dubs at the crematorium

    But now we are both out I don't know what would happen. just a few friends and family at the crematorium I suppose.

    How about you, have you thought about it? I would be interested to know.

  • Finally-Free

    My funeral will be a small one for only family and friends. My family also has instructions to barr any JWs from attending my funeral, and they are prepared to physically eject any JWs who might show up at the funeral home. I won't allow the JWs to use my funeral as an opportunity to slyly hand out their worthless tracts to anyone.


  • Dansk

    Hi Gilberto:

    I came close to dying not too long back and I sorted out my funeral arrangements with a close Buddhist friend. He was to take the service and then I was to be cremated. I opted for cremation because I didn't want, and still don't, family coming to my grave and being all sad - or happy (depending on whether they wanted to see me go or not). I think that by being cremated those left behind can move on quicker. After all, I'd be in their hearts!

    Graves also become overgrown and unkempt after one's loved ones also pass away or move out of the area.

    Anyway, I fooled them all and I hope to go to my Buddhist friend's funeral instead - but he told me he intends to live until he's 96 (he's a fit 72 now - only looks 60s).


  • Forscher

    My wife has informed me that I won't have a choice in the matter.
    She is going to burn my ass!!!!

  • whyamihere

    I have had this thought since I was the rip old age of 17, I still feel the same to this day.

    I want something small, only "close friends" and family(those that still speak to me). At the end of it all, I want a song played for everyone - "My Way" by Frank Sinatra. I want everyone to know what choices I have made and the life I lead - I did it my way.........

  • OpenFireGlass


    choice # 1: I will be eaten by a mountian lion, and shit out onto the ground...

    choice # 2: I will be fertilizer in the bottom of a hole that has a huge cannabis plant growing in it.... The plant will go to seed... the seeds will be distributed among my closest friends... OFG will live forever via a handfull of cannabis seeds...

  • mkr32208

    Irish wake... Drunk friends talking trash about me... Yeah that would be sweet! I'm leaving a provision in the will to buy a keg or two and just keep pouring! Maybe I'll put a stipulation that whatever isn't drunk has to be poured out after the wake... You know just to kind of 'encourage' them!

  • RunningMan

    Every time I go to a funeral, I'm disappointed by the lack of entertainment, and the fact that God gets top billing. Funerals always seem to be based on a boilerplate with brief references to (insert name here) that are thrown together at the last minute.

    So, to counteract this, I have written my own funeral sermon. I know, it seems a little morbid to write your own sermon while still alive, but it's awfully difficult to swing it from the other end. I may even perform it myself on tape.

  • Twitch


    I don't plan to be found, I'll just wander off into the bush when it's time,....;-)

  • parakeet

    Running Man: ***I have written my own funeral sermon.***
    I don't think it's at all morbid; in fact, it's considerate. Your loved ones won't have to struggle through the process of writing and reading their own tributes, which I think is unnecessarily stressful when trying to get over their initial shock and grief.
    Other than a few basic requests (which my family is free to alter) -- cremation, no prayers, and my husband or son reading my last "message" -- I plan to leave most of the arrangements up to my nonJW husband and son.
    I firmly believe funerals are for the living, not the dead, and I don't want my family burdened with a lot of fussy requirements that I won't be around to see.
    I've told them both to make whatever arrangements will ease them through a painful time.

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