What funeral will you have?

by Gilberto 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • vitty

    I want a really big one, everyone is crying and saying they cant believe ive gone........................I want to lie in state, where all those ppl who said horrible things about me are reallllllllllllly sorry

    Just kidding........I think

  • Outaservice

    I have requested that I be 'stuffed' and propped up in the corner of a CRACKER BARREL restaurant..... and keep those Uncle Hershel breakfasts coming!


  • jaguarbass

    If I died tomorrow. I have no plans. I would guess my wife and son would cremate me. That would be it. That would be ok.My wife wants me to cremate her. If I live out my life in my 70's I will probaly make arrangements to be burried some where. Maybe with my great grandparents in Cleveland.

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