The "New World" post Armageddon - childish fantasy

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  • BluesBrother

    Oh ! ye of little faith, this is what the Society have said :


    chap. 20 p. 377 par. 22 Land of Magog No More to Threaten Mankind ***

    The fact that Jehovah leaves the bodies of those slain at the defeat of Gog’s attack lying exposed on the ground for birds and wild beasts to gorge themselves upon symbolizes that they will not be laid in respected memorial tombs in hope of a resurrection for them. The unburied dead, "those slain by Jehovah," will be so enormously many that even the carrion birds and scavenging wild beasts could never take care of their consumption. The burial of even what remains after these lower creatures have their fill would be stupendous. Doubtless the Almighty God will use some highly scientific means, whether including antimatter or not, to dispose of the surplus of decaying bodies in a speedy and sanitary way. This remains for the survivors of the "war of the great day" to see and witness. We remember that Noah and his seven fellow survivors of the global Deluge were not burdened with burying the human victims of that world catastrophe after they came out of the ark and renewed Jehovah’s worship on earth.

    Lol , but totally understanding this post

    Most people's biggest worry was not the decomposition of flesh, but the lack of coffee that would be available. ;

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I've asked this, and I was told just leave it to jehovah, he'll take care of it, which seemed ok at the time. I doubt any dub could answer that question sensibly anyway.

  • Gregor

    I know this is a subject that brings up problems that active J'dubs wish they could be worrying about.

    The mental masturbation of the New World Fantasy is what really keeps them going. It is such a HUGE temptation to dump the cares and woes of life and death onto a pre-packaged product bearing the patent of the Watchtower Society of Brooklyn, NY, Inc. Sure, they demand your entire mind, body and 'soul' and some of your money, and maybe your first born child, but, wow, those things are so much easier to give up than trying to figure it out and deal with it with your own intellect.

  • parakeet

    ***Seems like a big knowledge gap here that has never been addressed by the FDS***

    I don't think any hard-core JWs would be dissuaded from their beliefs by a lack of concrete information about the "new world." I don't remember hearing it discussed by other JWs in any realistic terms. The impression I got was that they didn't take the concept very seriously, in spite of all their preaching about it. They were like kids who desperately want a pony but don't bother thinking through the logistics of owning a pony. It was more like a wish than a reality, a childish fantasy, as you pointed out.
    I believe JWs are more motivated by the revenge and destruction they believe god will dole out to all the "evil-doers" than by the reward they will receive -- that's what they're really looking forward to, when the rest of us get what's coming to us. That's why the new world is portrayed in such fuzzy detail -- it's just the icing on the cake. Armageddon is the cake -- no details lacking there. They've got that schedule all worked out; they're just waiting for god to light the fuse.

  • jaguarbass

    In the twinkling of an eye they will be in paradise.

  • truthsetsonefree

    I think the same thing whenever there is some disaster. Or war devastation like what was done in South Lebanon. That Paradise thing is so impractical. Whats more the average dub thinks its on the other side of Armagedon. They forget that there is a 1000 year wait!

  • Gregor

    That's right. After 1000 years they will be in a state of Adamic perfection and then Satan will be let out of jail to see if he can get somebody to F--- up. Satan did pretty well with the first two people, a 100% success rate. I think Jay Hoover needs to either get over Himself or re-think creating beings who have a free will. Free will as long as you do as your told!

    And then there is the little matter of phasing out reproduction. Does that mean sex? or just fertility? Since humans, like all other living things, animal or vegetable, are primarily wired for reproduction this raises images of a race of beings with no sexual component, no male and female. The stupidity and foolishness of this belief just keeps on going.

  • greendawn

    Not to support the WTS but humans can easily live in a primitive set up without electricity or food shops there is plenty of food in the fields and in the sea and wood to burn for warmth. That was going on for a long time in the past and still does in some places.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I think the major point to be made with the Watchtowers understanding of the 'new heavens' and 'new earth' is more based on their authority model, not the Bible.
    While the paradise model is presented in a very childish way, it is also put forward in a way to suggest that the individual member will allways be under the authority of other humans.
    Even Rutherford understood the new heavens to mean Jesus Christ, and the new earth to be the redeemed (at least for a while he did).
    Even the NWT changes the Bible in order to present the idea that people on the earth would be forever under the authority of other humans. Check out Revelation 5:10 in the Kingdom Interlinear, they render the verse to read "rule as kings over the earth", but in the left hand column the greek translation they give is a differant word saying "rule as kings upon the earth". This shows the position the redeemed have over the new creation, not one group over another.
    They bring everything down to such a basic physical level of understanding. Instead of understanding that things are going to be recreated by God, they teach that mankind will have to clean up the problems caused by others.
    I heard it put very well once when a JW I know said:
    "Do more in Jehovah's service, so you can do more in Jehovah's service"

  • DannyHaszard

    Meet the God of the Watchtower as good cop bad cop


    deliverance2006_front.jpg Above WT 'Paradise lost to paradise regained' aka the "paradise book" was published in 1958 i was born to JW pioneer parents in 1957 so this was my first 'theocratic' coloring book

    1992_does_god_care_22.jpg GHOULS for GOD This pic above (not from the WT) is nearly identical to a Black and White 2' X 4' "visual aid" that my elder dad used in public talks all over during the mid 1960's

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