I'd appreciate some insight on what my mother claims was said at assembly

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  • jaguarbass

    I just called my wife who was spending labor day with her witness family and asked about this message. She told me that her mother went out door to door yesterday, bothering the neighbors, and that her niece just began pioneering. It doesnt seem that the preaching work has ceased in Florida yet.

  • Elsewhere

    Same here. I don't buy it. I think she misunderstood what was being said about how more attention needs to be given to those who have left the WTS.

    I'd have to see a BOE letter or an article in a WTS publication before I'd believe it.

  • BabaYaga

    My thought is that this may have something to do with another new post... a completely unexpected letter from an old friend in the habit of shunning!


    Possible correlation?

    It is indeed possible that they have shifted their focus. Other recent threads have indicated how little "fruitage" comes from the door to door stuff and their numbers are FALLING in "Google" countries!!!! Interesting.

    Man, I hope my loved ones don't hit me with this stuff.

  • KW13

    i may be wrong, but if they stopped preached and then nothing happened they'd look even bigger idiots than they are.

    also its a source of income, money comes from knocking on doors (sometimes) and also new members, it'd be like leaving the plug out of the bath, slowly all would die, disappear and give up.

  • free2beme

    If they did choose to make this choice, I agree it would be taking a real chance. As it would be the final straw to show their people that they were pulling these thoughts out of their ass. As then nothing happened, it would be no different then these other cults that claim dates and times of the end.

    As a follow-up

    My sister just called me, as she got the call too. She said my mother was more emotional with her, as she sees her as being someone who might come back and me as someone who will never come back. My sister used a term that my mother said to her, and I think this term is key "The are no longer going to be putting as much importance on the preaching work ... " That sounds different then, the preaching work is over. As it could be twisted to be like what another poster stated, in that this could be used to not try to put a financial burden on members who would not be able to buy the literature.

  • moshe

    I remember back in 1973 one of the speakers at a circuit assembly said " Brothers there are only 23 months left before Armageddon". Of, course that comment wasn't in the notes. I wonder what was written down in this brother's notes. I guess we won't have long to wait for an answer.

  • BabaYaga

    I'm confused, didn't they always charge publishers for literature? I remember having to pay a small amount for anything we were going to attempt to "place" with "householders".

    Has it been different now that they don't ask for a specific charge for the mags etc.?

  • free2beme

    I was a Witness in two eras, one when you paid for the magazines and literatures at the Kingdom Hall and there were set amounts. Another, when to avoid a tax by the government, we did it on a donation basis only. Meaning, you took what you wanted and donated what you felt it was worth. That is where it ended for me, when I left in the 90's.

  • The wanderer
    The wanderer
    The Time of the End

    Personally, I would ask my mother where this information is
    coming from? [apply critical thinking] Because Jesus said
    that neither he nor the angles nor anyone one but the Father
    knew the time of the end.

    If the Society stops the preaching work

    Financially they would dry up and the game would be
    over. Somehow, I doubt this would happen.


    The Wanderer
  • free2beme
    Personally, I would ask my mother where this information is coming from?

    She said it comes from the assembly (The special one day)

    As for the financial, do they really make that much from the preaching work anymore? Maybe, like a corporation, they see that their is no longer a need for this work and more loss then profit being made.

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